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Turn On The Bright Lights


Interpol may soon be deemed as another “buzz” band in the nü-rock movement. But please listen before lumping, this band is different. Turn On The Bright Lights is a dark journey through the indie-goth clubs of the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Interpol sounds like they're from Germany or Austria and could easily open up a show for Bauhaus. If you like the great, dramatic music of Joy Division and the few good parts of The Strokes, you'll love Interpol.–C.C.

Rating: 9

Rocket From The Crypt

Live From Camp X-Ray


“We are rock 'n' roll's ambassadors of good will.”–Speedo

Live From Camp X-Ray is the latest action-packed installment from the legendary kings of rock, Rocket From The Crypt. This new album is a blistering ride through hot riff after hot riff. The songs are guaranteed to light a fire under your ass and get you moving! RFTC is known as one of the best live bands in the world and the groups fast, fun, and furious live act has been captured in the studio and slammed on a disc. If Rocket From The Crypt starts a rock 'n' roll army, sign me up–sign yourself up! Get this album now. Not later, now!–C.C.

Rating: 7.5


Gory days


Necro is a filthy-minded, foul-mouthed MC that flows lyrical barf at your head. This independent rapper flows well, his rhymes are creative and fast, and he has a song called “Bury You With Satan”–how could you not like Necro? Although Necro is not the type of man you'd like to see your daughter date, he is the type of man you'd like to have around for your bachelor party or if you were mad at your girl. Necro has a funny press photo. Let's just say he has a girlfriend who wears a G-string with no top doing nasty things to him on the hood of a car–a very interesting photo. If you like Smut Peddlers or The Geto Boys, you'll rock Necro.–MC2

Rating: 6.5


Apollo Stars


Funk you! Golden is gonna funk you up! They want to funk you. Do you want to be funked? Do you like to funk? Do you like it when Golden funks you? Well, if you want to get funked, get rocked, and have a good time, have a funking party and blast this new Golden album, Apollo Stars. You'll be having such a funking good time. Did you also know that Golden is a supergroup? Yeah, they're funking members of Trans Am, Royal Trux, and Six Finger Satellite! Oh yeah, there're also some crazy-weird jams on here in Spanish and stuff, funk yeah!–C.C.

Rating: 7

The Flaming Lips

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

Warner Bros.

The Flaming Lips have been creating original and beautiful music for the better part of the last decade. The band's latest release, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, can best be described as beautiful, glorious, well-orchestrated, trippy, psychedelic, and intensely original. Each song is a mind-bending musical event with layer upon layer of lush soundscapes and uplifting vocals. Think what would happen if Sonic Youth and Radiohead got together and recorded an album after each member found overwhelming personal happiness–that's what this album sounds like. Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots is an utterly amazing album that you should own.–C.C.

Rating: 8


Electric Wizard

Let Us Prey

Southern Lord Records

Thrusting from the foggy moors of a not-so-jolly England, a black-sludge outfit of monolithic riff pillagers has been bestowed upon this blistered Earth. Careening tempos clashing with droned-out reverberations leak feverishly into the air like hot steam through a fissure crack in the planet's core. Instantaneous light is suddenly blasted through the atmosphere, transcending space and time, endlessly bouncing from solar system to solar system in search of the beginning of the universe and the answers to all the questions about our mundane existence. Come on, everyone–get happy!–Aaron Schmidt

Rating: 7.5


Various Artists

20 Years Of Dischord

Dischord Records

Punk is a term that was created to classify music that exploded in the late 70s and early 80s. It was harder and faster than rock 'n' roll, and the youth of the time were tired of politicians and the bullshit that spewed out of their mouths. (Some things never change.) Classifications are simply shortcuts to thinking.

Dischord released a beautiful box set with three discs full of angst-fueled, noncommercial, raw punk-rock music. Along with this little diddy is a 134-page guidebook with band biographies, photos, history, and all the album covers Dischord has ever released. Maybe you know Dischord, and maybe you don't. Think Minor Threat, Fugazi, S.O.A., The Teen Idles, Void, Youth Brigade, Gray Matter, Dag Nasty, Iron Cross, among other great bands.

If you need a shortcut to thinking, buy this set. It's 25 dollars via mail, so don't shell out more duckets than that. Check out dischord.com.–Eric Sentianin

Rating: 10