Sonic Youth

Murray Street


If you have never owned or heard a Sonic Youth record, then I’m sorry. It’s your loss, and what a loss it is. Sonic Youth is the absolute leader of post-rock noise and avant-garde music for the last decade. On their latest release titled Murray Street, Sonic Youth has painted another beautiful picture in music form. The songs are tapestries of flowing, floating guitars along with poetic lyrics that will evoke eerie visions inside your mind. No one can compare to Sonic Youth, so just go buy the record in stores now.

Rating: 8


Queens Of The Stone Age

Songs For The Deaf

Interscope Records

The heavy psychedelic rockers hailing from the sand dunes of Palm Desert, Queens Of The Stone Age have released Songs For The Deaf—its newest offering to the listening slaves of metal. Josh Homme (Kyuss and Screaming Trees) and Nick Oliveri (Kyuss, Dwarves, and Mondo Generator), being the conduit for Queens, enlisted the hide hammering expertise of Dave Grohl (Nirvana and Foo Fighters) for this adventure in sound. With guitar wailing like a wolverine attacking its prey, the rhythmic growl from the bass, and the pounding of the ceremonial banshee drumming, Queens will rock your ear drums to a harmonious ringing. Turn up the volume to ten and enjoy. Check out Queens’ Web site qotsa.com for sound bites from SFTD and a video for “No One Knows.”—Eric Sentianin

Rating: 8



Since We’ve Been Translucent

Sub Pop

Here’s a band you may have been missing since grunge ruled the airwaves. Mudhoney is one of the bands that kicked your ass in the 90s alongside Nirvana. You should buy this album, because it’s great rock ‘n’ roll that will fill your head with ideas of how a guitar should be played. This is definitely one of those discs that will sit in rotation for at least a week straight. If you like dirty rock bands like Screaming Trees, The Vines, or The Stooges, then go get the new Mudhoney!

Rating: 6.5

The Faint

Dance Macabre

Saddle Creek

My friends Micah and Brandon decided to have a dance party, and they invited me. When I got there, they were listening to The Faint. We danced and partied for the majority of the night and had a hell of a time. I remember waking up the next day thinking, “Wow, The Faint is awesome.” That was when I decided I should put them in the magazine, so people who hadn’t heard of them could hear about how rad they are. They’re a mix of Depeche Mode and New Order with some unknown technological influences thrown in. Go get the record, it will rule your dancing ass.

Rating: 8

Arto Linsday


Righteous Babe

Jazzy and dark, Arto Lindsay brings your ears a platter of weird Brazilian-sounding pop with some Euro flair. The first song sounds like a soundtrack for an outer-space hipster lounge. The CD continues along an eerie path, wrapping Arto’s calming vocals around your earlobes like a kiss from a lover. If you’re a fan of David Byrne or The Sea And Cake, Arto is the man for you. This would be a great CD for a fashionable cocktail party.

Rating: 6.5

David Bowie



This disc has been out for a little while now, but if you don’t have it yet, get it—for the love of god, it’s David Bowie! You should have all his releases and still be dying for more. Every song on Heathen will rule you. Bowie deserves the Nobel Prize for a lifetime of the best music you could ever hear.

Rating: 8

Bad Brains

I & I Survived (dub)

Groove Attack/Caroline

This is dub, mon! This compilation of released and unreleased material will chill you out. Featuring Dr.. Know on guitars, Darryl Jennifer on bass, and Earl Hudson on drums, Bad Brains dub is a jam through Jah and a rub-a-dub through the dub tub. If you’re a fan of dub music, mellow reggae, or even Bad Brains, get this disc. You’ll be feelin da irie vibes, praise Jah.—Peter Josh

Rating: 7

Victim Of Modern Age

Victim Of Modern Age

Universal Warning Records

This is solid indie-rock, my friends. Although there’re only four songs on this disc, it’s worth going out of your way to get. This band has a sound along the lines of No Knife and Braid, but steps to the side and holds their own identity. Universal Warning is the label, Victim Of Modern Age is the band, check them both out.


Jason Loewenstein

At Sixes And Sevens

Sub Pop

Jason Loewenstein was one of the founding members of the unforgettable indie band Sebadoh. He wrote and performed many of their songs alongside Lou Barlow. His debut solo album is a lot like Sebadoh but rocking and different enough to stand on its own. Jason has a smooth vocal style. He wrote, played every instrument, and sang every song on this album. If you like Sebadoh or Love As Laughter, you’ll like Jason Loewenstein’s solo deal.

Rating: 6


Living Well Is the Best Revenge


File under: Pop punk that’s already been played. It might be fun to see this band live, but on CD it sounds like the same old shit that’s been shat out of mainstream punk for the last five years. Sounds like the pop-punk song you just heard on the radio.

Rating: 3