East Coast sees freezing, perfect surf from Winter Storm Stella

An empty peak in New Jersey on Wednesday, much bigger than it looks. Photo: Ryan Brower

Winter Storm Stella slammed the door on an early spring this week for the Eastern seaboard. The major low pressure system delivered plenty of sleet, flooding, major winds, snow and below-freezing temperatures, declaring winter is here to stay just a bit longer.

But with all of that, it also delivered some of the best surf the East Coast has seen all winter. From the Carolinas up to Maine, plenty of spots scored the benefits of the storm.

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While parts of New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Maine and more in the northeast are continuing to see significant swell today, here’s a collection of what’s been had so far. Stay tuned for more from Winter Storm Stella: as of March 14, 2017 the storm is certainly one for the books.

North Carolina

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The Outer Banks is certainly one of the best spots to be for winter swell on the East Coast -- while temperatures still require gloves, boots and hoods, they are nowhere near the sub-freezing temps that the comrades farther north see for the majority of winter.

New Jersey

What as quite possibly the best surf during Stella took place throughout New Jersey. New Jersey didn’t quite see the snow it was projected to, with barely any left on the ground by Tuesday evening, but Tuesday afternoon when the winds switched offshore, it was a barrel-fest across the entire Garden State.

A New Jersey surfer’s playground on Wednesday morning. Photo: Ryan Brower

dramatic day on LBI but not bad at all. cedars this evening was lit!

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Many are claiming that it was the biggest surf (that was actually rideable) that New Jersey has seen in a few years. With buoy readings hitting 18.4 feet at 11 seconds, we’re certainly willing to back that claim.

Today was one for the books. Thank you New Jersey. I love you…. @adephillipo @darkfallpro

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New York

Dealt much more of a snow storm than New Jersey, New York City was essentially shut down on Tuesday and saw side-offshore winds on Wednesday morning. But those that braved the storm on Tuesday were certainly rewarded -- and some even made it onto television for their efforts.

While New Jersey may have spat out the best barrels, the Montauk Point buoy was reading 23 feet at 10 seconds at one point on Tuesday afternoon, which is just absurd.

20 ft @ 9 seconds #montauk

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Further North

Happy hunting.

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Parts of New England also received some significant swell, with winds playing a much more drastic factor there as Stella is hugging New England on Wednesday and bringing with her lots and lots of snow.