East Coast Surfing Championship Results

39th Annual East Coast Surfing Championships
August 23-26, 2001

The contest was administered by the United States Surfing Federation, the national governing body for the sport of surfing in the United States. Over 100 professionals and over 500 amateurs competed over 5 days. The first day was a small clean 1′-2′ swell that was perfect for longboarding. 24 man ASP format was used. Friday was presented with similar conditions in the morning with a strong onshore wind and developing lows off the coast that afternoon. An increasing swell was realized on Saturday with a 3′ ¿ 4′ north swell. A 96 man ASP format was used. Conditions on Sunday for the finals were a solid 4′ with pockets of some East Coast juice during incoming tide. Bryan Hewitson was focused and was the man to beat from the beginning. Strong surfing from old and new was featured at 1st Street Jetty, in Virginia Beach for the 39th Annual ECSC. Over 100,000 spectators were in attendance.
1. Bryan Hewitson
2. Jessie ¿ Merle Jones
3. Jeff Deffenbaugh
4. Eric Taylor
= 5. Isaac Kaneshiro
= 5. Gabe Kling
= 7. Cam Anderson
= 7. Alek Parker

Women Shortboard
1.Julia Christensen
2. Jamie Dewitt
3. Linda Davoli
4. Ainslee Wallace