Editor’s New Surfboard Guaranteed To Sabotage Upcoming South Swell

Town and Country Surfboards

Mach 2 here I come! Photo: Sam

First off, I’m sorry. I know the waves have been on the dog shit side of things in SoCal and placing a board on the train tracks and lighting it on fire (we used to do that when we were kids) would be more appropriate than getting a new one given the currently flat conditions.

You’ll have to forgive me though, I “ordered” this board—a 6’4″ round pin quad from Glenn Pang—one night while drunk at a T&C barbecue in Wahiawa, a small town in the middle of Oahu. Scribbled onto a cocktail napkin, I never thought the order would come to fruition and was surprised by a recent email from Mr. Pang telling me my board was ready. Amazing!

Onto the sabotage. It’s a kind of a step-up for me and meant to ride at spots like Teahupoo and Blacks—big lefts where you wanna haul ass. That said, forget anything over head high this weekend as everyone knows a new board equals an instant flat spell. Again, sorry, but you can’t blame this one on Surfline…

Town and Country Surfboards

Thanks to Glenn and the crew over at Town And Country Surfboards! If you ever get a chance to try a Glenn Pang model, do it, he’s one the masters of the craft!