Edward Norton wants to take you surfing

If you’re feeling a bit bummed that you didn’t win the sweepstakes to go surfing with Kelly Slater at his wave pool, fear not, because with a new day comes a new celebrity-inspired surf trip contest, this time with acclaimed actor Edward Norton.

Edward Norton

Ed Norton apparently likes to spend his time away from filming in the water. Photo: Courtesy of Raffi Asdourian/Flickr

Apparently when he’s not acting, Norton likes to spend his downtime surfing, and is so enamored with the sport that he worked as the executive producer of Bunker77 — a documentary about Bunker Spreckels, one of the most colorful characters in surf history.

The film is currently doing the festival circuit, and will be showing at the upcoming Hamptons International Film Festival (HIFF) in October.

Norton is being honored at the festival, so he put together the sweepstakes through the fundraising website CrowdRise to bring a few lucky fans along with him.

The contest rules are simple: You pay $10 for an entry, and there’s no limit to the amount of times you can enter.

Eight winners will get to enjoy an all-expenses paid trip out to the Hamptons to surf with Norton, and three of those winners will also get to party with him and Alec Baldwin.

The money raised will go to the Surfrider Foundation‘s Eastern Long Island chapter and the HIFF Jr. Educational Initiatives.

Norton’s contest got us thinking about some of the other celebrities we might actually pay to surf with.

Here are a handful of our favorites:

Chris Hemsworth

In addition to being 6’3″, looking like he was carved out of marble and being paid millions to play a Norse god, it turns out Australian actor Chris Hemsworth might actually be a good surfer. Not a bad life.

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Hemsworth is a lifelong surfer who has had the pleasure of getting barreled in Fiji on a surf trip with Kelly Slater and who has regularly said that he prefers surfing to nearly anything else in life.

Hemsworth seems like he’d be a great guy to paddle out with. And who doesn’t want to say they’ve gone surfing with Thor?

Jack Johnson

Before his life as a multi-platinum recording artist and award-winning filmmaker, Jack Johnson was a professional surfer, who made the finals of the 1992 Pipeline Masters trials at the tender age of 17.

He suffered a heavy wipeout at Pipeline a week after the 1992 contest that left him needing 150 stitches in his head and missing two teeth. Following this incident, he made the decision to turn away from professional competitive surfing.

But he still surfs constantly, still has a house on the North Shore and (needless to say) is wickedly good at playing the guitar. These are all qualities that make for a successful surf trip, and precisely why we’d shovel out some cash to surf with Jack.

Sean Penn

Sean Penn, the actor, might not be the best person to go on a surf trip on.

He has a slight history of anger issues, and judging by his widely-criticized profile of Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, seems just a tad out of touch with reality.

Those aren’t good qualities for a surf partner.

But we’re not paying to surf with Sean Penn, we’re paying to surf with Sean Penn given the caveat that he stays in character as Jeff Spicoli the entire time and promises to, at one point during the surf trip, say “All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I’m fine.”

Blake Lively

We don’t know if Blake Lively actually surfs. Truth be told we don’t really care.

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What we do know is that Blake Lively is so beautiful we’d pay just to be in the same zip code as her, let alone surf with her, and that according to Hollywood (which never lies) she was able to outsmart a pissed-off great white roughly the size of a school bus.

So paying to surf with her is a bit like paying for a gorgeous insurance policy.

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