EG, Simpo, And JOB Video Montage

Eric Geiselman, Brett Simpson, and Jamie O’Brien all rip. And they’ve all got their own things going on—which makes this montage from etnies all that more fun to watch.

Simpo just finished up third at the Quiksilver Pro France and is looking to keep on a roll at the Rip Curl Pro Portugal. With all the traveling he does he’s got to be living the high life with first class flights after winning $200G’s at the US Open in back-to-back years.

Eric Geiselman spent a shitload of time in Bali this year—and it paid off. He got one of the main parts in our new flick, High Five, and scored the cover of our October issue. EG, getting work done.

And of course Jamie O’Brien has been globetrotting finishing up filming for his new flick, Who Is JOB?, which premiers tomorrow night at the Lido in Newport Beach. Stay tuned to for all the debauchery from tomorrow evening…