Electric iPhone App 3.0

Electric Visual Announces The Release Of The Electric iPhone App Version 3.0

San Clemente, California – Summer 2010

This is it. Electric has recreated its entire app for the version 3.0. upgrade providing a much improved user experience. We added a vast amount of enhancements and content we are confident you will find useful and enjoy. What's New in Version 3.0? The major new release in 3.0 is the Rock The Volt feature. Now you can try on our range of sunglasses, pick the frame that fits you best and share labeled images of yourself in Electric sunglasses with your friends and family. Using our custom built sizing system you can see which

model looks best on you or recommend shades for your friends. Electric is the only eyewear company that offers a mobile experience of this caliber. Electric's App is the first in the app store that allows you to try on product that is proportionately sized and can be purchased at a retailer near you. Sunglasses are sized to scale and our user interface provides an extremely high level of accuracy. Once you have chosen the sunglass you like, your image can be sent via email to your social circle. Twitter and Facebook integration are scheduled for version 3.0.1

3.0 Major improvements: Sunglass and Goggle catalog now includes all models and colors with categorized selection options. Browse by gender, frame, and model name is available. Once a sunglass or goggle and color is selected you can rotate your device for a closer view and the option to send that particular model in-

cluding: Model image / part number / characteristics and description via email to your friends. Twitter and Facebook integration are scheduled for version 3.0.1. Keep up to date with the The "Word" Electric's news-cast, with our new and improved RSS feed with new styling. The Word is now constantly updated and streams directly from our website. Another new feature is our feed of Electric Upcoming Events. These are posted in advance so that you know what is going on with the volt ahead of time.

There a lot of upgrades in 3.0. Make sure you upgrade as soon as the app hits the store.