Embracing The Weird, With Brendan Buckley

Buckley's got some things to say. Photo: Bielmann/SPL

Buckley's got some things to say. Photo: Bielmann/SPL

Brendan Buckely is from Belmar, New Jersey—things don’t get much weirder than Belmar in the summer. He curses a lot, likes being naked (hence the Buck Naked nickname), and always has something off the cuff to say. He’s got an alter ego named Drunk Brendan who likes commenting on all sorts of things and embraces the weird. He recently won The Josh Hoyer Cali Rally MVP award and we caught up with him to see how much better his life has gotten since.—Ryan Brower

How has your life changed since winning The Josh Hoyer Cali Rally MVP award?
It’s changed ten fold. I got a congratulatory call from President Obama the next morning, and since then I’ve been working on a reality TV show with Donald Trump and Kanye West. It’s called “Gay people with bad haircuts.” Look for it to air on CBS in January.

What did you take away from the Cali Rally? Any venereal diseases?
Let’s see. I took away a heinous tattoo, some battle wounds, and the ability to truthfully claim that I stand up paddled through the HB naked. As far as STDs go… no girls read this website, right?


Tell us about your web log that you have started?
Well, it’s called Embrace The Goose, and to sum it up, it’s the furthest thing from your average surfer’s blog: “We went here and it was so cool! My trunks were sooo comfy and I was ripping super hard. It was super sick!”

No, no, no. Not on EmbraceTheGoose.com. I kept seeing all of these mundane blogs and I wanted to provide a contrast to that. I just try to make fun of things and it’s definitely centered around humor. I can see a lot of it coming off as immature, but hey, if people laugh then I feel like I did a good job. I hope that people can see the side of it that’s more than just some jackass that says the word dildo a lot. If you don’t like it, then go to some other blog and read about Dane Reynolds’ penis.

What kinds of things can we expect on there? What have your fans taken a liking to the most on there?
I wish I knew what to expect. Whatever pops into my head goes up there, and I couldn’t tell you what kind of thoughts this noggin of mine is going to produce. I like that about it. I get to write what I want and nobody tells me to change this or that. It’s almost, dare I say, self-expression. Oh wait, no never mind. Self-expression is taking hipstamatic photos on your iPhone and mobile uploading them, right hipsters? Yeah, that’s way more creative (I make fun of hipsters a lot). I just hardly even touched upon your question. Maybe that’s what to expect: questions not being answered.

Don't ask.

Don't ask.

We heard you're thinking of changing the url? Possibilities? Reasons?
MisterTickleHands.com has been really tickling my fancy as of late. The reason is because I am weird. I thought that Embrace The Goose sounded strange enough, but one night, Mister TickleHands popped into my head, and I don’t think you can get much weirder than that… We’ll see.

Tell us about your POG collection back in the day? What was your go to slammer?
How about my trog collection nowadays? You should have seen what my summer looked like…