Epilogue 4-2

The magazine you just molested was TransWorld SURF Volume 4, Number 2. In the beginning we were undecided of our slant on the enormous amount of material we would no doubt receive from Hawai’i. After completely scrapping 30 or so pages of finished product, we eventually agreed that this issue was to be a “Hawai’ian Issue.” Yeah, magazines have been doing “Hawai’ian issues” for years, but when you have every ripping surfer in the world in one place with crazy waves and millions of photographers, you’re gonna get some seriously amazing material, which we did.

Some congratulations are in order: Bruce Irons winning Pipe. You ruled it. C.J., you kicked ass and won a deserved ASP World Title! Hell yeah, country boy! Myles Padaca, Triple Crown champ, dark horse destruction, you killed it. Jaime O’Brien, everybody’s talking about you.

Everyone who even went to Hawai’i this year deserves a congratulations, especially the brave souls who ventured into the Volcom House for one of the many insane parties. Thanks also go to God and volcanic eruptions for creating Hawai’i for all of us to enjoy. Simply put, the 2001/02 season was legendary and one not to be forgotten, ever!

Looking forward, next issue we have a pro spotlight of every surfer’s favorite surfer, Rizal Tanjung, as well as an international blend of the world’s best action, personalities, and waves. Also the introduction of the first ever and world-destroying TransWorld SURF Readers’ Choice Awards. Exclusive ballot in our next issue, on sale March 19, 2002.

The best news I’ve heard about the new year, however, happened yesterday. While walking down the street I saw a guy running up from the beach yelling, “Hey world, it’s all right to be a surfer again!” … As if it ever wasn’t-C.C.