Epilogue 4-4

Where Is Surf Photography Going?

As modern surf photographers break the mold of the past’s point-and-shoot mentality, incredible images are being developed. With the addition of hungry young swimmers and eagle-eyed land lensmen, the veterans are responding by unveiling new tricks, raising their own proverbial bar of excellence.

The tubes, lips, and shores of the world are now occupied by water paparazzi as well as legions of technologically advanced land-based action catchers. With this onslaught of documentation, there’s no telling what amazing and brilliant images we have yet to see. Surf photographers have begun to experiment with flash setups, new films, bizarre angles, and digital equipment in an attempt to push their art to the next level.

Pair hungry photographers with talented surfers who have the ability to perform for the camera, and the possibilities are endless. Underwater cross-processed, nighttime, laser-guided satellite transmissions could be in the near future in this blossoming field.

With over 70 years of surf photography already in the bag, the surf-photo genre is still progressing at an alarming rate. Who knows, someday you could be minding your own business, getting a tube at your local break, and all the while you’re being watched unknowingly by the S.P.E.R.M. (surf-photo entrapment reaction mechanism) satellite. You could wind up on the cover of a magazine without even knowing it.-C.C.