Epilogue – 4.5


Walking Through Pictures And Breezing Through Stories, Or A Guide To Reading A Surf Magazine

Everybody has his or her own style of reading a surf magazine. You have the shitters, who read the magazine exclusively on the toilet and only during the expulsion of feces. The over-the-shoulder-chewers-the ones who stand over your shoulder reading the magazine, chewing food right in your ear (older brothers and dads form a large part of this category). Then you have the analysts. They lay the magazine out on a table and read every word, pour over every picture, and basically analyze every last thing (mix this with a shitter and you’re gonna be waiting a while for the bathroom). The rack-reader stands at the magazine rack and blows through an issue in under five minutes to avoid being yelled at by the store clerk (these types never actually make a purchase). Another of the many different types of readers is the amper. He or she yells and grabs the magazine out of your hands when you’re trying to look at it (if this person sees a photo they, they just wig out).

It’s cool though, all styles of reading are super. The more readers the better. It doesn’t matter if you’re an over-the-shoulder-chewer mixed with an analyst-shitter-as long as you’re reading, that’s great!

So next time you look at a surf magazine, make sure it saysTransWorld SURF on the cover-that way, you know it’s gonna be the best.-C*