Epilogue – 4.6


The Magazine-Rack WarAs the editor for the world’s best surf magazine, I have a great amount of pride in the product that graces the spaces of magazine racks everywhere. This is especially true in the case of the magazine rack that sits near the door of Seaside Market in Cardiff, California (where I stop for morning coffee, an everything bagel, and an Evolution Green Dream smoothie). Directly under the self-service coffee machines is the magazine rack. This rack is the location of a fiercely fought marketing war. The armies are that of Surfing magazine, Surfer magazine, and of course, your heroes, TransWorld SURF. The war is fought for supremacy of the front spot in the rack. The winners are eye level with the world, and the losers get their magazine buried and covered by Woman’s Day or Better Homes And Gardens. I do battle every time I go there, and I know the other side is doing the same thing. Some days I’ll go in there and see TransWorld SURF turned upside down and backward while the Surfing magazine circus logo is plain as day, directly in front. I grab the whole stack and bury it under two issues of last month’s Family Circle while placing the newest TransWorld SURF in prime location. I have never actually seen the invisible warriors who reorganize the rack, nor do I care to ever come in contact with these vigilantes. But I will continue the fight, and fight bravely I will. The magazine rack will be mine.-C.C.

Coming next month: Aussie road trips, Mick Fanning Pro Spotlight, and more of the stuff you’ve come to expect from the world’s most advanced surf magazine.