Epilogue – 4.7


Winning The War


If I’ve gained anything from my first eighteen months as the Editor In Chief of a surf magazine, it’s that I’m no longer crushed by small-scale failure. I don’t wither inside every time a tour we are relying on fails to find surf, or when a big-name pro pulls out of an expensive boat trip at the last minute, or when one of our allies suddenly becomes an enemy. Of course, I don’t look forward to these brief moments of collapse, but now I understand that they’re part of a bigger picture, and knowing that makes them sufferable. It’s like losing battles to win the war.


Making a magazine, like life or surfing, is about gaining experience, and the thing people never tell you is that experience comes at a price. There’s an old saying that goes: Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from poor judgment. Like gravity, taxes, and death, no one escapes this reality, and nowhere is this simple truth more obvious than on the road. Travel is fraught with potential pitfalls, and negotiating them is one of the joys of purposely heading toward the unknown.


Of all sports, few encourage their participants to travel as much as surfing. Each destination poses a new challenge, and each challenge offers the traveler a new opportunity to succeed or fail. Next month a huge chunk of our magazine will be dedicated to ten locations all surfers need to go to before they die. Some of them are expensive and exotic; others are a cheap, one-stop plane ticket away, but no matter how much or how little they may make you suffer, they are the reason we fight the war.-Joel

Ready to do a little suffering? Look for TransWorld SURF: Volume 4, Number 8 on newsstands starting August 27.