Epilogue – 4.8


Putting The Fun Back In Sur-fun!It’s hard to go surfing these days without seeing a group of aspiring young pre-pros whacking around sticker-covered surfboards and wearing angry, contest-fueled facial expressions. The widgets and rebounds of these contest warriors remind me of 80s-style competitive behavior and even hint at jock mentality. One question: are these young men having fun? In the mid 90s, videos and even print media embraced a style of surfing known as butt-making-basically butt widgets and freak-out head snaps used to make your surf companions laugh. This was fun and entertaining-not only for the surfer, but for the viewer as well. Not that butt-making is a lost art. For example, I was driving on Southern California’s Highway 101 overlooking a beachbreak, and to my surprise I saw a fantastic array of professional-quality stink-butt ass-wiggling being performed on a small wave that reeled along at the same slow speed as my car. That performer was half of the original butt-making brother team known as the Phillipy Brothers. These guys know how to make butt and have been doing it for years with the likes of Rob Machado, Kelly Slater, and a vast array of other well-known pros. These men rip hard and surf with large smiles on their faces-and that, my friends, is what sur-fun is all about.In closing, young surfers of the world: Drop the spaz-tudes and start making butt again. The fun of the future depends on all of you.-C.C.