ERGO Launches New Campaign


Lakewood, NJ – March 28, 2011 – ERGO today announced the launch of a new ad campaign and brand icon. The new ad campaign entitled, Transcend The Delusions,

made its debut in publications this month. ERGO has also introduced the “Owlstein” brand icon which can be seen in the new ads and will be found loitering throughout

ERGO’s branding.

The Transcend The Delusions campaign is inspired by ERGO’s mission statement. Thriving on the notion of following your deep sense of inner knowing while fulfilling your imagination and creativity, the Transcend The Delusions campaign sets to casually differentiate ERGO from the mundane sea of other brands.

Having the wisdom to see beyond trends and thriving off of its own uniqueness, the Owlstein icon embodies ERGO’s ideology and chooses not to become a sheepish follower, but comfortably trusts itself as an individual. Its convictions are strong and are not wavered by fads. It is immune to judgment because it chooses to be. Owlstein sees things that others don’t, and seeks not to be labeled but rather just to be.

“We’re hoping to inspire people towards a lifestyle of independence and self expression, to loosen up and have some fun,” says ERGO’s Co-Founder, Pete DiSpirito. “We just want to bring a little piece of it back to how it was when we were kids.”