Eric Geiselman Super Sweepstakes Winner Announced…

After reviewing a ton of entires we finally decided on our winner for the Eric Geiselman/Fox/Orion/Fender Super Sweepstakes Giveaway. His name is Adam Oberlin and for his ‘rad’ poem he’ll be pulling in a ton of Fox threads, one of Eric’s Orion surfboards, and a custom Fender guitar. If you know Adam be sure to hit him up for some gear now, as he’ll be as hooked up as Eric. Here’s Adam’s winning words of radness:

A poeeem for EG....<3

The sun shines on New Smyrna Beach
as an angel is born from his mothers cheech
the date was march 9 1988
little did he know his birthday was three days late
for then you see are birthdays would have been the same
but lucky for eric his backside airs are insane
your hair and skin is dark yet golden
and flows through my mind like hot lava ever so molten
i heard your a drummer i know they can keep a rythem
and you get so shacked you keep my head spining
and eric i swear i'm not gay
but i just have one last thing to say

....your just one rad guy