Eric Taylor Profile

Eric Taylor surfs well beyond his age. For a youngster, he mixes a variety of moves with an creamy-smooth style. Always a threat at the Nationals and U.S. Championships, look for Eric to be just another one of those Florida standouts to do well in competition around the world. We caught up with Eric after taking second place in the Billabong Junior event at Sebastian Inlet.

How old are you?

Are you excited about your future career as a pro?
Yeah, I hope so.


Who are your mentors around here?
Dave Speir and Paul Reinecke and all the local guys out here. They push all the kids a lot.

What about all the Floridians on the CT, do you look up to them and is that what you want to do?
Yeah, I want to try it for a couple years. Everybody says travelling sucks, like surfing all those contests, but it sounds fun. I want to try it, and if it doesn’t work out, I’ll just surf.

Does spending as much time away from home as you do affect your school?
My school is pretty cool, all my teachers are really supportive and I just have to notify them a week before I go on a trip. They’ll give me all the work that I’m gonna miss that week so I can catch up on a trip and not be behind.

It’s been really crowded out here since we got here, is it always crowded?
It’s always pretty crowded, but it got more crowded when the contest came into town.

How do you deal with it?
It’s ort of hard to, sometimes I feel like snapping, but I deal with it.

I already asked Phil Watters about the sharks and they say they’re like dog bites. Have you ever been snacked on?
I’ve never been bit, but I’ve seen them when they’re out here.

Do you fish as well? It seems like the Florida thing to do.
The Florida thing to do is go fishing when it’s flat.

Do you have your own boat?

So when it’s flat, obviously you’re going out there.
We just built a house on a canal, so our boats in the canal now so I can just go after school and stuff.

Can you fish out your backyard?
Yeah, you can catch little fish. It’s in a canal so there’s not many fish.


Can we look forward to seeing you at Natuonals?

Are you gonna get a title this year?
Yeah, hopefully, I’m gonna try super hard.