High Schoolers Surf In ‘Game’ Format

High schoolers surf in ‘game’ format

If you haven't tuned in yet, check out School of Surf on MTV2, Mondays at 9:00 a.m., and watch the nation's top high school surfers battle it out in ‘Game’ format at the Red Bull Rider’s Cup.

The Red Bull Riders Cup is back for another season, so hold on to your graduation caps and get ready. Last year it was Carlsbad High School that took top honors. Who will it be this time around? Amassing over 34 high schools from eight distinct surfing regions around the country, the Red Bull Riders Cup is the premier high school surf function. Watch as we follow two teams in their search for glory.

One is from the east coast’s OC, Ocean City, NJ with chilling winter swells and inconsistent summer waves. The other team is from Malibu High School, where there is 365 days of summer a year. While 34 teams will enter, only one will hoist the cup.

What is Red Bull Riders Cup? Here’s the skinny:

The Tournament: Using the National Surf League’s “Game” format, in a single-elimination “march-madness” style battle royale 34 high schools are entered into 8 regional qualifiers. Four high schools from each region make it to the national championships.

The Format: Start time is at 4pm after school, and the entire Game spans under 2 hours. 3 total periods, 2 heats per period, teams alternate surfing each heat. Each heat is 12 minutes long. Each team is allotted 5 “time outs” per game of 2 minutes each.

The Team: Teams of 12 Athletes max: 4 starters, 2 substitutes and 2 non-active reserves (2.0 GPA min) Head coach with at least 1 assistant coach (water coach). Each team has 2 substitutes in the water ready; subs can sub in only once per heat.

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