ESA Mid Atlantic Regionals In Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

The ESA Mid Atlantic Regionals wrapped up in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico last weekend and decided the Region’s invitees for the Eastern Championships at Hatteras in September. The tropical shores of Puerto Rico offered up some decent surf in the three to four foot range throughout the weekend.

The Mid Atlantic Region competitors charged through and battled for the coveted invitations. Standouts of the event included Girls’ winner Quincy Davis, Boys’ winner Weston Williams, Junior Women’s winner Keenan Lineback, Junior Men’s winner Eric Torres, and Open Shortboard winner Hector Santamaria. Local knowledge proved to be a factor, as three of those five hail from Puerto Rico.

The final Regional Championship takes place May 15-17 in Belmar, New Jersey when the Northeast Region decides those worthy to make the trip to Hatteras in the fall. For more on the ESA, check out See the full results below.

ESA Mid Atlantic Regionals Full Results

1.NSC- Stevie Pittman
2.NSC-Luke Gordon
3.CNC-Matthew Glenn
4.OBNC-Quentin Turko
5.VA-Bill McGarry
6.VA-Alison Bowman

1.SNC-Weston Williams
2.NSC-Cam Richards
3.SNC-Knox Harris
4.CNC-Daniel Glenn
5.PRC-Bryan Laide
6.PRC-Christian Rivera

Junior Men's
1.PRC-Eric Torres
2.PRC-Hector Santamaria
3.PRC-Roger Torres
4.NSC-Cole Richards
5.SNC-Dylan Kowalski
6.PRC-Ricardo Lucke

1.PRC-Jose Tavarez
2.PRC-Joan Carlos Geona
3.PRC-Jorge Rivera
4.SNC-Owen Moffett
5.SNC-Derrick Pigford
6.VA-Bryce Humphrey

1.PRC-Jose Lopez
2.CNC-Rob Cordero
3.PRC-Norzberto Pena
4.VA-Chris Crockett
5.SNC-Jesse McCrery
6.PRC-Ramar Santiago

Senior Men's
1.SNC-Daniel Sacchi
2.OBNC-Joe Gillen
3.PRC-Phillip Bonet
4.PRC-Ramon Rosado
5.PRC-Ricard Carbia
6.SSC-Kai Dilling

1.OBNC-Jesse Fernandez
2.NSC-Ron Radar
3.CNC-Bruce Willis
4.OBNC-Jay Hawekotte
5.CNC-Bill Miller
6.VA-Jon Kleintop

1.CNC-Bill Roach
2.CNC-David Sledge
3.VA-Bobby Holland
4.SNC-Mark Mitchell
5.GA-Jimmy Manning
6.NSC-Billy Benson

1.PRC-Quincy Davis
2.SNC-Darsha Pigford
3.DMV-Emily Ruppert
4.VA-Alison Bowman
5.NSC-Leldon McClary
6.VA-Bree Kleintop

Junior Women's
1.NSC-Keenan Lineback
2.PRC-Liza Caban
3.PRC-Kelly Laide
4.VA-Kate Easton
5.SNC-Chandler VonCannon
6.CNC-Katie-Mac Fitzgerald

1.PRC-Maria Del Gonzales
2.PRC-Nydia Del Mar Rafols
3.OBNC-Leanne Foster
4.SNC-Liz Hauser
5.DMV-Kelsey Willison
6.CNC-Bimini Powell

Ladies' (Senior Women's)
1.CNC-Beth Schub
2.CNC-Mindy Fitzpatrick
3.NSC-Terry Green
4.CNC-Nathalie Glenn
5.SSC-Tara Novit-Thomas
6.NSC-Vivian Jordan

Menehune Longboard
1.CNC-Daniel Glenn
2.SNC-Weston Williams
3.GA-Josh Richardson
4.OBNC-Morgan Taylor Leavel
5.CNC-Eli Blake
6.OBNC-Julian Payne

Junior Longboard
1.SNC-Bradley Rose
2.OBNC-Cam Fuller
3.VA-Brandon Minor
4.VA-Michael Agnew
5.SSC-Christian Gaeta
6.CNC-Gus Bird

Men's Longboard
1.CNC-Ty Roach
2.VA-Chris Crockett
3.CNC-Kyle Sumer
4.CNC-David Taylor
5.DMV-Chris Makibbin
6.PRC-Anthony Luciano

Masters' Longboard
1.SSC-Kai Dilling
2.OBNC-Joe Gillen
3.VA-Ricky Judalena
4.VA-Jon Kleintop
5.SNC-Daniel Sacchi
6.VA-Ryan Merritt

Legends' Longboard
1.OBNC-Jesse Fernandez
2.VA-Bobby Holland
3.CNC-Bill Roach
4.OBNC-Carmen Garcia Sr
5.CNC-Bruce Willis
6.NSC-Wilton Jordan

Women's Longboard
1.VA-Kate Easton
2.SNC-Airlie Pickett
3.SNC-Chandler VonCannon
4.VA-Alison Parks
5.NSC-Katie Gordon
6.NSC-Leldon McClary

Ladies' Longboard
1.CNC-Beth Schub
2.SNC-Jo Pickett
3.CNC-Nathalie Glenn
4.CNC-Mindy Fitzpatrick
5.SNC-Marty Mentzer
6. SSC-Tara Novit-Thomas

Menehune Bodyboard
1.OBNC-Morgan Taylor Leavel
2.SNC-Weston Williams
3.OBNC-Cyrus Lewis
4.PRC-Kevin Laide

Open Bodyboard
1.CNC-Mark Ramsdell
2.OBNC-Cyrus Lewis
3.DMV-Matt Landon
4.OBNC-Morgan Taylor Leavel
5.SNC-Bradley Rose
6.SSC-Carlisle Carter

Open Shortboard
1.PRC-Hector Santamaria
2.PRC-Jose Lopez
3.SNC-Dylan Kowalski
4.PRC-Jose Tavares
5.CNC-Rob Cordero
6.SNC-Nick Rupp

ESA All-star Tag Team

Junior Sportsman
VA-Allison Bowman

Senior Sportsman
NSC-Billy Benson

Iron Woman
VA-Allison Parks

Junior Iron Man
SNC-Weston Williams

Iron Man
SNC-Daniel Sacchi

The ESA’s Mid Atlantic Region (which consists of spots from Delaware down to Georgia) is fortunate enough to be the region that houses the Puerto Rico district. With a tropical paradise as one of your districts, why not hold the Regional Championships there every year?

Things are just getting under way down in Aguadilla, as the event runs from April 22-25. Stay tuned for much more coverage as the Mid Atlantic competitors battle for invitations into the coveted Easterns Championships held in Hatteras in September.