ESA Youth Division Results From The Easterns

2002 ESA 35th Easterns Youth Results
The 2nd half of the Eastern Surfing Association’s (ESA) 35th Easterns, ending September 28, showcased some of the best surfing to date in youth surfers ages 18 and under. The fabled first groin, adjacent to where the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse once stood prior to moving, churned relentless, barreling surf for the Saturday finals, truly separating the chargers from the challengers. This year’s East Coast Champions are truly the ones to keep your eye on. Streaming audio and video clips from the entire event, as well as the adult competition results finished earlier in the week, may be found at
NE = Northeast
SE = Southeast
MA = MidAtlantic
Special Awards
Sr. Iron Man David Sledge MA
Iron Woman Donna Vittorelli NE
Jr. Iron Man Tony Silvagni MA
Junior Sportsman Drew Moye MA
Hot Wave KatieMcLeod SE
East Coast Hall of Fame
1stPlace Linda Davoli NE
2ndPlace Peter Pan NE
3rd Place Bob Holland MA
4th Place Tie Cecil Lear NE
4th Place Tie Howie Lyon SE
6th Place Joe Ferrara MD
Womens Bodyboard
1st Place Nicole Diggs AllStar MA
2nd Place Leanne Falvey NE
3rd Place SheaLindon MA
4th Place Brittany Diggs MA
5th Place Kim Diggs MA
6thPlace Donna Vittorelli NE
Womens Longboard
1st Place Katie McLeod SE
2nd Place Leah Dawson SE
3rd Place Patti Hook MA
4th Place Lauren Hill SE
5th Place Linda Davoli NE
6th Place Sara Willis MA
1stPlace Ryan Briggs SE
2ndPlace Jason Venn SE
3rd Place Shane Upchurch MA
4th Place Jay Gordon SE
5th Place Chris Ropero SE
6th Place Mark Newton MA
Menehune Bodyboard
1st Place Tom Kowsh SE
2ndPlace Devin Ricke SE
3rdPlace Jake Buchler MA
4th Place Taylor Ballard MA
5th Place Christopher McDonald MA
6th Place Tim Hoste NE
Junior Bodyboard
1st Place Jonathan Culpepper SE
2ndPlace Codie Tomlinson MA
3rdPlace James Russell SE
4thPlace ChrisPiliero NE
5thPlace Justin Maher NE
6thPlace Kevin Range SE
Menehune Longboard
1st Place Rory Reep SE
2nd Place Wyatt Harrison MA
3rd Place Thomas Mangiacapre MA
4th Place Brent DeLoach SE
5th Place Thomas Capps MA
6th Place Cody Leutgens MA
Junior Longboard
1st Place Todd Kinsey AllStar SE
2nd Place Adrian Colaprete SE
3rd Place Tony Silvagni MA
4th Place Mike Paton SE
5th Place John Peltonen NE
6th Place Josh Brewer MA
1st Place Kira Sheppard AllStar SE
2ndPlace Karina Petroni SE
3rdPlace Connie Arias AllStar SE
4th Place Katie McLeod SE
5th Place Elizabeth Basnight MA
6th Place Ashley Francis SE
1st Place Cody Thompson SE
2nd Place Hunter Heverly MA
3rd Place Brett Barley MA
4th Place Philip Goold MA
5th Place Kris Wiernicke SE
6th Place Tyler Crawford SE
1st Place Eric Geiselman SE
2nd Place RoryReep SE
3rd Place EricRheaume AllStar SE
4th Place Brady McKenzie SE
5th Place Eddie Guilebeau SE
6thPlace Jesse Heilman SE
7th Place Dana Quinn AllStar MA
8th Place Ben Graeff NE
Junior Men
1st Place Zander Morton AllStar SE
2nd Place David Awbrey AllStar SE
3rd Place Shane Upchurch MA
4th Place Lucas Rogers MA
5th Place Chris Ropero AllStar SE
6th Place Drew Moye MA
7th Place Dane Hoskins SE
8th Place Brendan Willem NE