Europe Stormrider Guide Box Set

Editor: Bruce Sutherland
Low Pressure Ltd.

Europe has got to be one of the most wave-rich continents out there. Considering there's everything from the chilly, off-shore groomed swells of Ireland, down to the world-class breaks of the Iberian Peninsula, and almost any wave type you can think of scattered in between, it's easy to see why the European surf industry is booming. But with all the possibilities for surf in Europe, how do you know where to start?

Well you can start by picking up a copy of The Stormrider Guide Europe box set. It's broken up into two books: Europe The Continent, and Europe The Atlantic Islands. Not only do the books include an extensive, straightforward explanation of swell creation and forecasting, but it's also got detailed info on traveling in Europe, surf break maps, and all the know-how you could want on spots you've heard of, and tons you haven't.

If that still doesn't satisfy you, there's also a bunch of useful travel guides on Stormrider's website,, including a Travel Planner and a Stormrider Passport which offers downloadable ebooks of the entire Stormrider collection. If you're looking to do some surf trekking in Europe, these books can be pretty handy. –Ryan Brower