EuroSurf 2005 Info

From the 22nd to 30th of October on Praia Nova Costa da Caparica in Portugal, the EUROPEAN SURF CHAMPIONSHIP – EUROSURF 2005 – will take place, organized by Centro Internacional de Surf and Natural Factor with the collaboration of the Yoga Center of Costa de Caparica specialized in Yoga for Surfers.

EUROSURF 2005 is the most important European competition for teams and will bring around 250 athletes from all Europe to Portugal. The best athletes of Masculine and Feminine Open in the modalities of Surf, Bodyboard and Longboard compose each Team.

Compete in this Eurosurf about 16 teams, composed by 21 elements each, among them: Portugal, Spain, France, England, Ireland, Wales, Germany, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Israel, Channel Islands, and Scotland.

Opening Ceremonial on October 23rd, Sunday with the presence of the President of ESF and parade of all the European teams, that together with the President of the Portuguese Federation of Surf will make the spectacular union of all the sands and waters of the participant countries.

Demonstrations of advanced Yoga by the TNDAVA group of the Lusa Yoga Association, executed by surfers who practice Yoga, joining for the 1st time in a surf event Yoga and Surf, demonstrating the spectaculars benefits of this practice.

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