Evan Geiselman is victorious at the Rob Machado Seaside Pro Jr.

Florida’s Evan Geiselman has a lanky frame that looks a lot like Rob Machado’s, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that he was dismantling Cardiff’s Seaside reef, the same break where Machado cut his teeth and earned victories that helped propel him onto the global stage.

On Saturday Geiselman won the 4-Star Rob Machado Seaside Reef Pro Jr. by narrowly defeating his good friend Kolohe Andino in the final. Geiselman took full advantage of his forehand approach in the wedgy lefts that supplied him a target rich environment.

“I felt comfortable out here the whole time,” Geiselman said from the winner’s podium after nabbing his $4000 check. It certainly showed. The Floridian, who’s spending much of his time in San Clemente these days, seemed to assimilate to the tricky Seaside conditions that change dramatically with the tides.

Kolohe Andino nearly stole the lead in the waning moments of the final. He needed only a 5.61 to claim his second straight Pro Jr. With two minutes left to go he unl inverted backhand blast on the outside. But the wave went flat for most of the middle section, and while he completed the ride with a strong closeout reentry, it wasn’t enough to catch his buddy Evan.

Evan was in 5th place on the North American Pro Junior rankings heading into Seaside. The win will lift him right up underneath Andino, who’s still in command with his second place finish after winning at the first stop in Huntington Beach.

Chase Wilson and Dane Zaun were also within striking distance for much of the final. The two goofyfooters surfed strong all day with some explosive surfing, but came unglued one too many on the end section in the final.

The entire event saw some incredible surfing from stars we’ll be hearing from a lot in the near future. Other standouts included Keanu Asing, Fisher Heverly and Andrew Doheny. The big upset was Connor Coffin going down early on Saturday.

After their one-two finish, Geiselman and Andino are looking solid heading into the Oakley Pro Jr. at Lower Trestles, where they’re hoping to nail down results good enough clinch seeds in the Oakley Global Challenge in Bali, the dream tour stop of the entire ASP Pro Junior tour.

Before storming the Lowers lineup the two friends will be heading to Mexico for another quick-strike mission. Just before the Seaside Pro Jr. they were in Tahiti together on a mission Geiselman called the “best trip of his life.”

All in all, it’s been a nice couple of weeks for the boys.

On the ladies side Lakey Peterson finished with another strong victory over Hawaiian Nage Melamed, while young Taylor Pitz finished in third in front of Leila Hurst. Peterson, who’s from Santa Barbara, made it clear she loves every opportunity to go left.

Final results of the Rob Machado Seaside Pro Jr.
1. Evan Geiselman
2. Kolohe Andino
3. Chase Wilson
4. Dane Zaun

1. Lakey Peterson
2. Nage Melamed
3. Taylor Pitz
4. Leila Hurst