Event Preview: 2012 Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast
Snapper Rocks
Brett Simpson
Jordy Smith
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Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast
Kelly Slater
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Kelly Slater
Kelly Slater

Event Preview: 2012 Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

In just a few days, the 2012 ASP World Tour kicks off on the Gold Coast of Australia. It's a fresh slate for all and an opportunity for someone to take the World Title from recently turned 40 years young Kelly Slater and women's phenom Carissa Moore. Joining the party in Coolangatta will be Quiksilver wildcard Dane Reynolds who quit the World Tour last year in favor of free surfing. And while Dane is considered one of the most progressive surfers in the world, he'll have to do his best to keep up with the high-flying antics of Kolohe Andino, Gabriel Medina, Miguel Pupo and tour newcomers like John John Florence and Yadin Nicol.

Surf wise, we're looking at a nice swell around the time the event starts. The issue is the lack of sand built up at Snapper--it's basically a hole right now. However, that can change in the span of a few hours after sand is pumped from the Tweed River and into the lineup. If Snapper isn't up to par, Joel Parkinson reports that Duranbah has good sandbars right now. But the real draw out of the three spots would be a big East swell at Kirra like we saw a few years ago. Cross your fingers and pray to Huey, the swell God of Australia.

Kelly Slater Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

Defending Quiksilver Pro Gold Cost champion Kelly Slater. Photo: Quiksilver

Who: The top 34 men (plus the Moskova Trials winner and Quiksilver wildcard Dane Reynolds) and the Top 17 women from the ASP World Tour.
What: The Quiksilver Pro And Roxy Pro Gold Coast. Events #1 of the 2012 ASP World Tour season.
Where: The Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast can run at Snapper Rocks, Duranbah, or Kirra but Snapper is the main location.
When: The waiting period is from February 25 to March 7. A call will be made each day at 7am as to whether or not the comp will run that day.
How: Watch the event live at quiksilverlive.comor watch it live on FUEL TV in Australia.

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast Betting Odds From Surfbet.au
Kelly Slater 5.01 to 1
Joel Parkinson 6.51 to 1
Mick Fanning 7.01 to 1
Jordy Smith 12.02 to 1
Gabriel Medina 18.03 to 1
John John Florence 18.03 to 1
Brett Simpson 81.14 to 1
Travis Logie 201.35 to 1

TWS Editor Picks And Predictions
Editor In Chief Chris Coté
Quiksilver Pro Winner: Josh Kerr or Julian Wilson. I'd tell you who my pick to win the World Tour is too, but you'll have to wait till the new issue comes out.
Roxy Pro Winner: C-Moore! Carissa is the WOMAN!
Best Performance By A Newcomer: Kolohe on right hand points all day--he's got a solid shot at winning this event.
Dark Horse Pick: Watching Alejo Munoz out there last year was pretty sick, he's poised to do very well, especially if the waves are in the chest to head high range.
Shocker: Julian Wilson or Josh Kerr will complete the first ever complete 720 alley oop in competition. Julian Wilson will do a front-shuv and ride switch in to a switch backside air--people will shit themselves.

Photo Editor Aaron Checkwood
Quiksilver Pro Winner: Mick Fanning. He's nice and rested, he's got his mojo back, and you can't go wrong with that home field advantage.
Roxy Pro Winner: Carissa. Last year was the start of the Carissa dynasty and now we're in the midst.
Best Performance By A Newcomer: I have to go with Kolohe. I can't imagine a place anymore perfect for numerous fins-out blasters followed by a frontside three in his typical fashion.
Dark Horse Pick: See above.

Online Editor Justin Coté
Quiksilver Pro Winner: Julian Wilson. I think he got robbed last year and will come back to Snapper this year with a fire in his belly.
Roxy Pro Winner: After her win at the Australian Open, Sally Fiztgibbons has the hot hand right now.
Best Performance By A Newcomer: Kolohe Andino--the ramps at Snapper stand no chance against him.
Dark Horse Pick: Brett Simpson. He'll be shredding on his JS' and who in their right mind gave him 81 to 1 odds to win? He's way better than that.
Shocker: After winning the Quiksilver Pro, Dane Reynolds will make his triumphant return to the World Tour.

Managing Editor Casey Koteen
Quiksilver Pro Winner: It's going to be Gabriel Medina versus Slater in the final, with the old guy taking the win.
Roxy Pro Winner: Sally Fitz gets early revenge on Carissa.
Best Performance By A Newcomer: If Gabriel Medina wasn't in contention for rookie of the year last year, is he still a rookie until halfway through this year? If so, then he’s the “rookie” to watch
Dark Horse Pick: Matt Wilko will make the semis.
Shocker: Taylor Knox does his first air in a heat--icicles form in hell.