Exposure-O-Meter Team Tally Correction

Crisis has rocked the World Famous Exposure-O-Meter and we don’t evenhave pregnant chads or butterfly ballots to blame.

It may have been one too many cups of blackened voodoo coffee or thosestrange little pills we found in the bathroom at the ASR show, but thefact remains: we sent the wrong team tally list to the art department.Because of this, the stat check on last issueís cover was incorrect. Wegoofed and we’re sorry.

The revised and corrected point tally is as follows:

Billabong: 100,487 points

Quiksilver: 96,525 points

O’Neill: 45,656 points

Rusty: 45,012 points

Volcom: 43,981 points

Hurley: 43,118 points

Rip Curl: 41,274 points

The Realm: 29,337 points

MCD: 23,700 points

No Fear: 19,050 points

Gotcha: 16,856 points

Planet Earth: 14,276 points

Ezekiel: 11,125 points

Local Motion: 9,675 points

Counter Culture: 9,425 points