EYE 4.2


Vortex ChildrenA Tenth Street Bros productionsThere’s a part in this skimboarding video where a guy says, “That’s all I need-skateboarding, surfing, and skimboarding.” After I heard that, I wondered about a few things: What if this country had a functioning caste system? Where would skimboarders be ranked? I couldn’t figure out if they were superior to Rollerbladers and/or subservient to Boogie boarders. If all of the current extreme sports were the major activities in our society, then I’m sure you could assume that surfing, skateboarding, motorcross, and snowboarding would be highly respected and publicized. The rest of the extreme activities like wakeboarding, Boogie boarding, skimboarding, and Rollerblading would be second-rate kiddie hobbies. In a hypothetical caste system with these aforementioned activities, you could assume that if you were a talented skimboarder, it surely meant that in your last life you were the lowest form-a Mission Beach, California roller skater. The best part of the movie was where a skimboarder did a floater on a five-foot wave and fell on his face.-J.M.

The Best Of Flipside Video DVDVolume One: Bad Religion, Circle Jerks, The Weirdos, The DickiesFlipside/MVDRemember when punk rock was dangerous and raw? Me neither, but with help from the Flipside Video series, we all can revel in the glory days of punk rock. Take a step back in time with this new DVD that features four shows from four bands that reinvented punk rock. The first concert is Bad Religion when they were like fifteen or sixteen years old and f-king ripping. Greg Graffin’s voice is as good as it gets during this set, and the crowd’s as rowdy as European soccer fans. There’s no security at the shows, so the stage gets mobbed with punkers during every song. The best footage of Bad Religion ever! The next band is the legendary Circle Jerks, that play a furious set including all your favorites like “Wild In The Streets,” “Wasted,” and “I Just Want Some Skank.” They sound amazing, and you’ll easily rock along with them at home. The next two bands are The Weirdos and The Dickies, that both rock out equally as well. The sound throughout this DVD is amazing, you’ll feel like you programmed a time machine back to 1984 and took a ride in the pit. This is a must-have for any fan of punk-rock music. Any true fan of Bad Religion will shit themselves over their live set.-C.C.

AutomaticWaves MagazineWe love these Aussie surf flicks. This particular video was made by our Aussie bro, madman Tim Bonython. It’s got footage of just about everything from the last year of competition sideshows and Aussie ripping. Taj Burrow, Joel Parko, Deano, Fanning, Occy, and just about everyone else is shown ripping some watery ass up. Try to get your hands on this tape, it’s also got females with two interesting things on their minds.-C.C.To order go to www.volitilevisions@hotmail.com.

Whipped!!!Powerlines ProductionsIn past big-wave videos, you probably sat back on your couch and said to your buddies, “Dude, I’d rule Mavericks. I’ve ridden bigger waves at Newps Point!” Reality can be a cruel lesson for some. For as much that’s been documented about Mavericks, nothing compares to the shit these guys go through-whether it’s the cold-ass water, being held under for a long time, or the sheer scariness of the break. That’s why the new video from our NorCal bros at Powerline Productions is a reality check. Their latest documentary covers the ’00/01 winter season from early season tow-ins to the famous shark attack and December 22-a huge f-kin’ day. Whipped!!! also provides new and different angles from helicopters and wave runners-the kind of viewpoints where you see boards “tombstoning” and guys coming up for air an hour later. This type of “up close and personal” approach makes you realize why you have ant balls and guys like Peter Mel need tractors for theirs. To order, go to your local swimming pool, have someone hold you under for three minutes, aand then find Whipped!!! at Mavfilm.com.-A.C.

Six Feet Under Maximum Violence DVDMetal BladeNow you can see Six Feet Under from the safety of your own home. This fearsome foursome, lead by ex-Cannibal Corpse singer Chris Barnes, tears through over twenty tracks of death and gore. After three full-length albums, S.F.U. decided to turn over a live show to its fans. This video has raw concert footage shot from the crowd, so don’t even think you’re just going to sit on the couch with your girl and watch this without ripping her guts out and eating them. Chris Barnes puts on one the most intense shows in the world, and is sure to get your vile blood flowing. So if you’re too scared to go and see these guys play live, check out this DVD instead.-Josh Hoyer

ContinuumQuiksilverYou can have a great time watching this movie. It has all of the things you would expect from a surf movie: barrels, cutbacks, lippers, and aerials-lots of them. The movie is cleverly set to a pumping musical soundtrack that makes the action so much more exciting-the action is hot. A particularly funny moment occurs when Ben Bourgeois, while acting like a filthy bourgeoisie pervert, attempts to coax all of the girls to “get nekkid.” The Quik team’s really good, and this movie is a tribute to their talents both in and out of the water. Also, they had a great premiere party for Continuum with plenty of food and drink. Everybody was there.-R.L. Golhoffer

Progression 7LDEThe world’s leading surf-video magazine has done it again with another banger. The seventh in the series features Taj Burrow, Aaron Cormican, Taylor Knox, Jay Larson, Micah Pitts, and Timmy Reyes. All these young men rip their respectable sessions with speed and style. Watch for Taj, Micah, and Aaron’s air demolition, Jay’s smooth flow, and Timmy’s youthful shredding. The music is great and the editing is fresh. Progression is a skate-style surf video that will make you feel your inner surf juices boil. That’s a good analogy if I do say so myself.-C.C.


X-Games SkateboardingKonami/PlayStation 2I asked Konami to send this game to me, but they never did, so I had to go out and buy it for 50 bucks. Within 30 minutes of playing the game, I wanted my money back. The graphics are pretty good, but the tricks you’re allowed to do throughout the game sucked.If you’ve played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, then it’s going to take a while to get used to the controls. But even after learning the controls, I still became very bored with the game. I’d suggest renting X-Games Skateboarding-it’s better than wasting your hard-earned cash.-D.L.

Kessen IIKOEI/PlayStation 2Out of all the games in this issue, this is the best one. I played the first Kessen and was pretty pysched on it, so I knew Kessen II would be a good game-I definitely wasn’t disappointed.The game lasts a long time and was fun from start to finish. After I beat the game, I was given the option of playing it in reverse-meaning that I now had a chance to be the enemy. The player’s given the chance to develop new strategies and find weaknesses of good and evil. Overall, Kessen II is a game that’s well worth the time and money.-D.L.