Eye 4.3

RunmentalRunmanfilms.comIf you are one of the lucky members of the cult audience of the Runman religion, then you will no doubt be frothing for the newest creation to spew from the camera, mouth, and minds of two legendary filmmakers. That’s right, Runman is back! In this latest 95-minute-long escapade through dementia, Runman and company explore thousands of great topics like bare-breasted women, localism, dancing, fights, parties, a smoking bunghole, and much more. Footage ranges from late 70s to current, with everyone from the Irons Bros to Titus. Add Runmental to your other three Runman creations: Runman, Runman 2, and Runman 69. Classic scathing commentary, I’m scared for Runman’s life after this one. Mature viewers only need apply.

The RisingMetalstormDirected by Josh Williams, the rising is a ripping romp into the future of progressive surfing. The sports future and present stars shine bright and tear down the barriers of bland surfing. Fred Pattachia, Bobby Martinez, Mick Fanning, Ben Bourgeois, Mikala Jones, Joel Parkinson, and dean Morrison are all shown killing their respective sections along with a bunch of the worlds best surfers thrown in between. This new movie has some of the meanest airs and best tubes seen in a long time. The soundtrack is rocking and the editing is fresh. Check out this movie to see new footage of the new rulers of the water-C.C.

It’s A Grom’s LifeDouble VisionLooking for an update on the latest in the teen surf scene? It’s A Grom’s Life is a chronicle of what’s been happening lately with literally every surfer under 21 years old. There’s footage of everyone from John John and Parko, to Barca and Shibata. Shot mostly in Hawai’i, this video will make you realize that the future looks bright. Check this tape out at a shop near you, or far away from you.

Thumb Blisters

FIFA Football 2002EA SportsPlayStation2 team-sports game enthusiasts, get ready to make a purchase. EA Sports has hit its mark with this 2002 follow-up to its successful FIFA 2001 MLS game-which made all soccer video games before it seem childish at best. With the three skill-level options, players of all abilities and dexterities can play a fun, challenging game. If you’re used to setting the record on every other game you play, the “World Class” skill level setting will change all that.Super realistic slide tackles, beautiful crossing lobs, bicycles, headers, rainbows, nutmegs, and the ability to jack somebody make this game one step from the real thing. You can almost feel the sod in your cleats. With every freaking team on the planet to chose from, you have the option to build the dream tournament or just play a unique game everytime you sit down.The replay options are incredible, too, offering every camera angle and replay speed you can imagine. The advanced controls are easy to remember, but timing is the key.Lastly, you won’t have to hit mute to hide the soundtrack; club beats make the time between loading and playing speed by.-Jason Olden