Ezekiel Presents “The Calling”

Ezekiel begins production this summer on “The Calling”, a new look surf movie profiling the lifestyles, personalities and surfing prowess of Ezekiel team riders Greg Browning, Conan Hayes, Jeremy Heit, Jeremy Sommerville and Pascal Stansfield.

Browning, a veteran shredder from Manhattan Beach came up with the title while driving by himself in his car.”Everyone has a calling,”he says.”but not everybody gets to find out what theirs is because they have to work or what ever it is they get stuck in.”But for us, a higher power is calling us to surf.”

Shot in 16mm and digital video,”The Calling” takes place at the home breaks of each surfer then culminates with a trip to the Mentawai Islands in early August. ” I’m hoping for barrels,” says Malibu local Stansfield, “No turns, just barrels. I can do turns here in Malibu.”

Heit, who describes his hometown of Oceanside as a place full of “underground surfers who kill it”, says he’s looking forward to surfing uncrowded Indonesian waves with Vinnie De La Pena, organizer of the trip. “I’m proud of my team riders,” says Vinnie, “And I want to make a movie that shows off their talents as surfers as well as people.”

Recently married Conan Hayes will take time out of his travel schedule as a touring Professional surfer in the top 44 to go to Indo with the Ezekiel team. From Kona, Hawaii, Hays excels when the waves get gnarly. “What can I say about Conan,”says Vinnie. “I like his style, both in and out of the water.”

Sommerville, a classic anti-establishment surfer from Solana Beach,”surfs so radical he’ll blow your mind.” Says Vinnie. “he’s like and actor. He’ll go along with the program, but that’s definitely not him.”

“The Calling”, a surf movie about real people called by the rhythms of our ocean a movie about time, a movie about space and what lies beyond, a movie about higher powers. Check it out this Christmas 2000.