Fà¤shion flight LF5075 has landed.

Onboard “WESC — WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy hosted the highest fà¤shion show on a catwalk ever.

At 15.30 local time Friday afternoon the fà¤shionflight LF5075 landed in Barcelona/Spain after its orbit into the outer space. Onboard the flight WESC hoosted “The highest fashion show ever of Earth. One hour after take and at an altitude of approximately 30.000 feet DJ Stretch Armstrong from NY, US spinned his Apple key board and the models walked back and forth in the aisle wearing the spring/summer 2006 collection from WESC. –

The show was a huge success and this only yet another proof for me and everybody else at WESC that what seams to be the most impossible project is doable. This fashion show together with Flynordic is the perfect example of what WESC are all about — to be unpredictable! Says Greger Hagelin CEO of We International with a huge grin on his face.

In the cabin 150 persons invited from all over the world slowly moved to the tunes as the models showed of. Everybody with a really happy face, but yet a little bà­t confused.-

It was a super surreal happening and I’m overwhelming that all the technique we put in the cabin kept up the whole show. And personally I think the aisle worked out super duper as the catwalk, says marketing director of Flynordic, Mikael Apelgard.

By the time you read this the plane has landed and everybody is getting in tune for the traditional Swedish Crayfish party that will be placed on the beach of Barcelona later tonight. Talk of the town in Barcelona and in the world of fashion tomorrow? Well, you just red it!

Do you want more info about this event, WESC, Flynordic please use the link below and you will be able to download more info, pictures, etc .

(Because a quite slow connection we’re still uploading pictures — please have a look on the link below within an hour or so)www.weclothing.com