Fabio Fabuloso to Show at the Mann’s Pierside in Huntington Beach as a featured film in the US Open of Surfing Film Festival.

Thursday night the 28th at 9.00p.m.



A film directed byPedro Cezar, Ricardo Bocao and Antonio Ricardo

Screenplay by Pedro Cezar
Executive Producer Alfio Lagnado
Director of Photography Anta Teixeira
Film Editors Julio Adler and Pedro Cezar
Music by Marcos Cunha
Rated General
Distributed by LUMIERE

Fabio Fabuloso won the audience prize at Festival do Rio 2004/Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival and at the Mostra BR de Cinema/28th Sao Paulo International Film Festival.

Fabio Fabuloso is a tribute to surfer Fabio Gouveia, the most successful Brazilian rider in the international surfing arena. Fabio, a national surfing legend, is also quite charismatic and funny.

The pioneers of Brazilian extreme sports TV shows, Ricardo Bocao and Antonio Ricardo, have joined efforts with poet/screenwriter Pedro Cezar to present sports fans, as well as anyone who likes the ocean and good stories, with Fabinho Gouveia’s personal tale.

The documentary is a colorful and humorous take on the surfer’s journey from Joao Pessoa, capital of the Northeast Brazilian state of ParaÌba, to ultimately winning all top Brazilian surfing titles – beginning with an unprecedented win at the World Amateur championship, in Porto Rico, 1988, and climaxing at the top ranks of the WCT, a feat that’s made all young Brazilians proud.

Shot by specialized cinematographers, Fabio Fabuloso’s surfing scenes show the singularity of Fabio Gouveia’s lines (his tracks on the water), with smooth, stylish maneuvers. The soundtrack, composed exclusively for the film, is a melting pot of contemporary electronic music and typical Brazilian Northeast sounds. The documentary also boosts impressive footage from the early beginnings of Fabinho’s career, intertwined with soundbites from top international surfing personalities.

Brazilian fans have celebrated their National soccer team’s 5-time World Cup title; they floored it with car racer Senna; they were moved by world-famous basketball player Oscarà­s retirement; and they’ve recently celebrated their National Volleyball team’s Olympic Gold Medal… Yet, that very same audience has not yet had the chance to be better acquainted with this victorious Brazilian surfer, a key character in a country with approximately 5,000 miles of coastline.

Fabio Fabuloso gives us that chance.

“He’s a special guy.”
Martin Potter (winner of 17 WCT events)


Fabio Fabuloso, the movie, is a colorful and humorous fable-like take on Fabio Gouveia’s journey from his Northeast Brazilian home state of ParaÌba to the top ranks of the sport, and being unanimously considered the greatest Brazilian surfer of all times.

In addition to a lot of surfing and footage of the highlights of the athleteà­s career, such as his victories at the world championships in Hawaii and France, it also shows his family intimacy, as well as flashes of this Brazilian surfing icon’s charisma and singularity. All this told in a catching fable-like tone, in what could be called “film-cordel.”

The Fabulous Guy

“One of the nicest guys I know.”
Kelly Slater (Six-Time World Champion)

What’s most impressive about Fabio Martins Gouveia’s trajectory is how he beat all the odds. Born on August 26, 1969, in Bananeiras, an inland town approximately 87 miles from Joao Pessoa, ParaÌba’s state capital, Fabinho got his feet wet on Bessa’s Beach waves, which are far from ideal for the sport.

But that lack of waves was compensated by Fabioà­s natural talent, and soon Fabulous Fabio would conquer the world, becoming the first non-Anglo-Saxon surfer ever to win all the top international titles, both in the Amateur and Professional categories.

He won the 1988 Amateur World title in Porto Rico, in the Open category, surfingà­s equivalent of an Olympic Gold Medal. He was the first Brazilian ever to win Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP)à­s events, both in Brazil and abroad; tto this date, heà­s the only Brazilian whoà­s ever won a World Tour contest in Hawaii. He was the first Brazilian to be ranked among the Worldà­s Top 16 and to be included in the elite Top 5 group. For more than 15 years now, he’s been sponsored by Hang Loose, as well as Mormaii, Reef, and Bleat Surf Shop.

Fabinho remains active and still inspires a whole new generation of athletes. At 34, he currently resides in Santa Catarina, with his wife, Elka, a fellow surfer who shares a birthdate with him, their three children Ian, Ilana, and Igor, their dogs Mowgli, Cruella, and Chocolate, and a collection of more than 20 surfboards. When he’s not globe-trotting, he takes his kids surfing every day, driving his yellow buggy, whose horn neighs.