Faces In The Lineup

In addition to recently signing Kalani Robb and Bruce Irons, Local Motion has put together an extensive list of professional and amateur team riders. Other professionals on the team include Elijah Young, Love Hodel, Kyle Garson, Jesse Merle Jones, and Eric Barton. Amateurs include Ryan Rawson, Nainoa Suratt, and Jamie Dewitt.

Globe shoes has made some recent additions to its U.S. staffing and surf team. It’s hired Jeff Cutler as the new marketing manager as well as Mike Parsons as an outside team manager. For the Globe surf team Mike Todd, Gavin Beschen, Danny Nichols, and Layne Beachley have all been brought on board.

Town and Country’s Craig Sugihara has set up an operation in Costa Mesa. Macy Barton, previous co-owner of World Jungle, has been chosen to head the operation. Johnny Monson, ex-Rusty designer is now design operations and apparel. Stewart Kawamura, head of sales, has brought on a whole new sales team as well. Kris “Formic’s” Formica will handle Southern California while Chas Plasse takes the Mid-Atlantic as new sales team members. Mike Estrada will be exclusively building the Town and Country boardline in Newport Beach. He joins Cino Magallenes, Jeff Johnston, and Stu Sharpe in the T&C shaping house.

Jamey Stone is getting fat in more ways than his weight. Transworld Media is welcoming Stone as new advertising sales representative to it’s legions of hard workers. Stone replaces Paul Bassett and comes from Ezekiel where he served as team manager for both skateboarding and surfing. His new number is: (760) 722-7777, ext. 194. TransWorld’s SURF team has also gotten a boost with the addition of Morgan Wright to the advertising department. Wright can be reached at: (760) 722-7777, ext. 140.

Redsand apparel has recently undergone quite a few changes. Devin Johnson has been promoted from West Coast sales manager to marketing director. Joining Devin in the marketing department will be Lucas Dalager as coordinator/team manager. Brendan Hanley will step up as the national sales manager. Tommy Vitella, who also reps for Reef Brazil, will be taking over Hanley’s territories in the Mid-Atlantic region. Allen Johnson, Redsand’s Orange County/L.A. sales rep and team rider, has just added the San Diego/Arizona territory and looks to be happy with his new bus route. Lastly, Cardiff surfer Kaden Alesantro, and Gold Coast NSSA standout Ryan Blackburn have joined the surf team at Redsand and are both looking to have a strong year.

Spy Optics has recruited Ulises Thomas as East Coast Sales Manager. Affectionately known as “Useless,” Thomas comes from a background of twelve years experience in young men’s sportswear. Spy has also hired new rep Ben Artis to cover Florida. Artis can be reached at: (904) 304-7101.

Sunbelt USA announces that Marketing Director Marcel Schiro has been promoted to the position of Director of Sales and Marketing. He’ll also take a major role in new product development, and will be responsible for growth in the snowboard and surf markets.

Powell Skateboards has brought over Craig Hoshide, former general manager for JC Hawaii Surfboards, to run its longboard skateboard division, Surf One.

New moves at Gotcha include Kelly Gibson as new national sales manager, Laura McCartle as vice president of merchandising, and new L.A. Rep Pat Murphy who can be reached at: (949) 460-2853.

Smith Sport Optics has added new surf team riders. The riders includes C.T. Taylor, Joe Curren, Frank Walsh, Ryan and Timmy Turner, Jason Reagan, and Justin Brescia. New reps include Julie Gormick who has been addded to the Southern California sales and marketing team for LA County. Gormick, Todd Bousman, and Dutch Schultz can all be reached at: (949) 515-5170. The address is: 1599 Superior Avenue, Suite #B-6, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

The Realm Nation has enlisted Dino Sakelliou to lead the design and graphic efforts. Sakelliou comes from a strong background with several other leading companies within the surf industry.

Volcom announced the signing of young Australian Dean Morrison.

DVS Shoe Company announced its surf team with Shane Beschen, Chris Ward, and Micah Byrne as the only amateur.

Hexline has brought in Louie Hayward as its National Sales Manager. Hexline is a licensee to produce softgoods for Channel Islands.

Vipe Desai has been hired as marketing director for SMP. Desai leaves his position as accounts director of alternative sports for The Shop, a marketing and creative agency. Brad Kingsley has been hired as national sales manager, a position he previously held with Capital Distribution.