Famous Wax Launches Their ‘Green Wax’ Campaign

Famous Wax, makers of the worlds best surf wax have launched their new “Green Label” surf wax.  In addition to their world-renowned surf wax Famous Wax proudly introduces their new Green Label surf wax. The Green Label Eco Surf Wax is a true 100% Organic, petrochemical free, completely biodegradable, non-toxic, earth friendly, performance based surf wax.  Famous has spent the last 2 years perfecting this organic formula with some of the world best surfers to make these 5 new formulas. Unlike other organic surf wax on the market this wax actually works amazing so expect nothing less! Famous Green Label wax is free from foreign oil and toxic ingredients and is made exclusively by Famous in the USA. Famous also offers a great line of Green Label organic tee shirts to boot.  For more info please visit FamousWax.com or your local surf shop.

Basecoat: (All Temps)
Tropical: (78 and up F/26 and up C)
Warm: (68-78 F/20-26 C)
Cool: (58-68 F/14-20 C)
Cold: (60 and below F/15 and below C)

Completely Organic
Petrochemical Free
Earth Safe
High Performance
FSC certified recycled packaging printed with soy ink.