Fantasy Action Sports League Showdown At Pipeline


They've been battling it out all year. One came out of the gates firing and the other has picked up steam in the last few events. And now it all comes down to who beats who at the Pipe Masters.

Parko and Mick? Hell no…

We're talking about Bootyjuice and RydrHi of course.

The two Fantasy Action Sports League locals and virtual celebrities are heading towards the final showdown tied for the lead in the …Lost Surfboard Giveaway. Both picked the same FASL Team for Trestles and ended up with a score of 467.33, taking the high score
for the season.

To settle the score and decide who wins the …Lost surfboard, they have agreed to break the tie by seeing who scores the highest score
at Pipeline.

So make room – the FASL heavies are going to bring out their best effort to see who is going home with the gold.

Of course, YOU can play spoiler. The …Lost Surfboard Giveaway is open to everyone. Just sign up for a Premium Team and beat the
current high score of 467.33 and the board can be yours. Sign up at: