FCS launches new award winning fins into the Test Drive Center Program.

FCS has just added 6 exciting new fin designs fins to it’s Test Drive Center ( TDC) program.

The K flex is a Kelly Slater K2.1 template coated with a soft elastomere to reduce risk of injury while still offering high performance. Because of this it’s been adopted by many surfers working on airs and flips etc.

The H-2 are a page out of Jet fighter design. The are engineered to have very low drag and increased holding power. The results are mind blowing acceleration with the holding power to carve the best arc’s you have ever done. Surf Hardware International (SHI) the parent company of FCS was awarded the 2005 Australian Design Award for the FCS H-2. This is the highest accolade for product design in Australia. The H-2 beat a field of 49 finalists including advanced medical devices, consumer electronics, household goods and heavy engineering among other products.

The 3D Red Tip is a thruster center fin with a small heart shaped wing at the tip. The Red Tip keeps you planning faster out of the pocket and over flat sections. It loosens up your board while still providing excellent hold through the most radical turns. It can be combined with and FCS adapter to loosen up a longboard for small wave tricks and insane nose rides.

The F Series comes in 3 popular FCS templates FG3, FG5 and FG7. F series are designed to allow tighter more powerful arc’s The inside foil offers increased hold while the fiberglass and foam construction offer super lightweight high performance.

“We started the TDC program back in ’97 to give surfers a chance to fine tune the performance of their boards by changing the fins: said Tyler Callaway Director of Business Development for SHI.

“The centers became a popular item at retail because it was a great way for core surfshops to and help their customers get better performance and have more fun.

“Having a TDC really sets the core shops apart from the others. There are more than 150 Test Drive Centers in the US and about 700 around the globe. The US and Australia are leading the roll out of the new fins which will be complete in about 2 months worldwide. he adds.