FCS Sponsors Airshow

FCS is now the official accessory sponsor of the Vans SMAS tour. “We are stoked to be part of the Airshow tour,” says Tyler Callaway, president of Surf Hardware International USA, distributor of FCS and Gorilla Grip brands in North and South America. “The events are some of the most exciting and entertaining contests ever held. They bring live, cutting-edge performance to young surfers around the country.

“The main focus of our brand is pushing the limits of high performance surfing, so the SMAS fits well with our mission statement,” Callaway continues. “We are proud to partner with the other industry leaders and support functional surfing above the lip. Doing this will give us a great platform to further develop our entire line of products for surfing and surf travel.”

In addition to the 8,000-dollar purse, FCS will be giving away 200 dollars at each stop for the “FCS Progression Session” award. The award will go to the surfer who completes the most progressive maneuver during the event. A photo of the maneuver will be featured with the editorial coverage of that event.