Alliumphobia—Fear of garlic.

Ambulophobia—Fear of walking.

Anuptaphobia—Fear of staying single.

Arachibutyrophobia—Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth.

Atychiphobia—Fear of failure.

Bacillophobia—Fear of microbes.

Blennophobia—Fear of slime.

Catagelophobia—Fear of being ridiculed.

Chirophobia—Fear of hands.

Chronophobia—Fear of time.

Cibophobia—Fear of food.

Coulrophobia—Fear of clowns.

Dendrophobia—Fear of trees.

Didaskaleinophobia—Fear of going to school.

Eleutherophobia—Fear of freedom.

Ephebiphobia—Fear of teenagers.

Euphobia—Fear of hearing good news.

Francophobia—Fear of France or French culture.

Geliophobia—Fear of laughter.

Genophobia—Fear of sex.

Glossophobia—Fear of speaking in public.

Hadephobia—Fear of hell.

Helminthophobia—Fear of being infested with worms.

Homichlophobia—Fear of fog.

Hylophobia—Fear of forests.

Hypsiphobia—Fear of height.

Ithyphallophobia—Fear of thinking about or having an erect penis.

Katagelophobia—Fear of ridicule.

Kymophobia—Fear of waves.

Lachanophobia—Fear of vegetables.

Ligyrophobia—Fear of loud noises.

Logizomechanophobia—Fear of computers.

Logophobia—Fear of words.
Lutraphobia—Fear of otters.

Macrophobia—Fear of long waits.

Melissophobia—Fear of bees.

Metrophobia—Fear of poetry.

Mnemophobia—Fear of memories.

Myctophobia—Fear of darkness.

Neopharmaphobia—Fear of new drugs.

Nephophobia—Fear of clouds.

Nostophobia—Fear of returning home.

Octophobia—Fear of the figure 8.

Oneirogmophobia—Fear of wet dreams.

Ostraconophobia—Fear of shellfish.

Papaphobia—Fear of the Pope.

Paraskavedekatriaphobia—Fear of Friday the 13th.

Parthenophobia—Fear of virgins.

Peladophobia—Fear of bald people.

Phasmophobia—Fear of ghosts.

Phobophobia—Fear of phobias.

Pteronophobia—Fear of being tickled by feathers.

Rectophobia—Fear of rectal diseases.

Rupophobia—Fear of dirt.

Samhainophobia—Fear of Halloween.

Selachophobia—Fear of sharks.

Sesquipedalophobia—Fear of long words.

Somniphobia—Fear of sleep.

Taphophobia—Fear of being buried alive.

Thalassophobia—Fear of the sea.

Traumatophobia—Fear of injury.

Venustraphobia—Fear of beautiful women.

Xenophobia—Fear of strangers or foreigners.

Zelophobia—Fear of jealousy.

Zemmiphobia—Fear of the great mole rat.

What are you afraid of?—J.P.

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