Fijian Man Attacked By Three Sharks At Once

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By Laylan Connelly

The massive Fijian was sprawled out on the ground, blood soaking through three towels pressed to his left arm.

First sight of the large open wound – tendons and muscle mangled into a bloody jigsaw – made Corona del Mar resident Tom Rolfes turn his head in disgust.

Moments earlier, three sharks had just attacked Rutu Meli while he clung to a fish he had speared. The sharks apparently didn’t appreciate that Meli wouldn’t let go of his dinner, or when he punched one in the snout.

“We need to get him an arm surgeon,” Rolfes said.

Problem was, there were no surgeons – not for arms or any other body part. They were far away from modern medicine. Getting to a hospital would require a boat ride to the mainland, then a four-hour drive – and they couldn’t even locate a car. What happens when 3 sharks attack at once?To read the entire story check out