Finatic Signs Damien Hobgood

Finatic Has Added To The Team Yet Again With Damien Hobgood

Finatic goes Cali in a big way, Damo brings Finatic to surfing's roots

BRANDON, Florida (Sept. 11, 2013)--The Finatic™ Fin Testing Program™ adds another Hobgood; proudly announcing the signing of Damien to a multi-year sponsorship deal. Chris Hough is poised to take his Finatic™ Fin Testing Program™ to the next level, solidifying his Florida based idea in the minds of Californian surfers by signing Damien Hobgood to the Finatic™ team. "It doesn't matter if you're over here on the East Coast scratching for waves till hurricane season, or if you've grown up in the surf mecca that is California," Hough says. "There are some common denominators, we all surf and we all want to progress and get better. Fins are the key and I think we're all starting to understand that." Damien got onboard with Finatic™ quickly after brother CJ, realizing just how exciting the service is. "It's simple really," were Damo's words when asked about Finatic™. "Why wouldn't surfers want to know which fins will give them the most out of their boards?"

Hough has Finatic™ moving forward quickly this year, signing Damien, Brian Toth and CJ to the Finatic™ team, as well as overhauling the Finatic™ software this past summer. "Finatic™ is completely updated, we've given members features they were asking for and our team is starting to come together," adds Hough. "I never would have dreamt that this is what the Finatic™ team would look like and it's crazy; but believe it or not, there's more to come."

The Finatic™ Fin Testing Program™ has come a long way in just five years since its inception which was as concept of Hough’s, spun out of his retail site The Finatic™ Fin Testing Program™ is a subscription based service that operates much like Netflix. Once a Finatic™ member has chosen the fins they want to test, they'll see one or two (depending on membership level) of those sets show up in the mail within a few days. Whenever they're ready to test a different set they just send the fins back in the prepaid return envelope, update their queue online and wait for their next set to show up. Finatic™ offers Basic, Premium and Platinum level memberships that each offer different price points and different perks. The Surfboard Warehouse is currently offering the Finatic™ Basic membership at $0.99 for the first month for new members. "We want to make sure new Finatic™ members understand the program first hand with basically no risk, as we understand it's a new concept for the surf industry as a whole," Hough says. "Once surfers have a chance to try the program we're confident that they'll see how different fins affect their surf style and they'll continue to let Finatic™ bring progression and innovation into their surfing."

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