Find Your Optimum Firewire Volume

Find Your Optimum Firewire Volume

Firewire is committed to building the best surfboards possible, but it is equally important that our customers choose the right board for themselves.

While there is no exact science yet, choosing the right volume for your weight and surfing ability is a good first step. To that end we've developed a formula that utilizes a surfers weight and an adjustable 'multiplier' to create the optimum range of volume, which can then be used to choose the best Firewire surfboard for their needs.

While height and wave conditions will affect individual choices, we have tested the formula against a variety of preferences and found it to be remarkably accurate.

The lower volume indicates the flotation needed for a board from Firewire's Hi-Performance Series, the mid-point relates to a Performance Hybrid category, while the higher number indicates the optimum volume for a Hybrid or Pure Stoke model.

Obviously beginners need a lot more board than their height and weight would suggest, so we don’t advise people who are still learning the basics to use this system:

"Firewire believes that refinements to the shape of today’s surfboard can only produce incremental performance benefits. Exponential improvements in performance will be achieved through new materials and construction methods"