Firewire Demo At Oceanside Pier

Firewire Demo At Oceanside Pier

Team TWS shreds* the pier in the name of research and development (and not being in the office on a Friday).

5'10" x 18" x 2 1/16"

I haven't ridden a shortboard with rocker in a long time. All my current sticks are short and fat (like me) so this board was very different than my usual shred sled. It was a bit too knifey for my taste but I could tell that if I were 6 or 8 pounds lighter it would have gone better. If you were surfing a nice wedge with a bowl on it, this board would go insane. I was surfing mushy Oceanside Pier, so the board wasn't ideal.
Chris Cote
Editor In Chief/Former C-Grade Pro Surfer

5'8" x 18 ¼" x 2 5/8"
Michel Bourez Pro Model
This board was more my style—super light, a little shorter, wider, and with more girth in the middle (like me, sans the "light" part)). This thing was quick and spicy right off the takeoff and weaved through flat sections with ease. I still would have liked a little bit less rocker, but other than that, this board is a keeper. Even after only a few waves, it felt easy to ride and made transitions from rail-to-rail effortless. Simple is good, and even though I've been riding some pretty weird boards lately, it's nice to go back to a good solid shortboard that does a lot of the work for you. I enjoyed surfing this board and Chuy Reyna from Firewire is going to have a tough time getting it back from me. I didn't turn it back in after the demo, I put it in my car and drove off as fast as I could—good luck finding me, Chuy! The board is mine mwuahaha (evil laugh)!—CC

5'7" x 19 ½" x 2 3/16"

El Fuego
I liked the outline of this board because it wasn't super fishy but still had enough width in the nose to make it a good paddler. While you can set it up as a thruster, quad, or even a five finner, I went with the quad. On my first wave it took off without me and squirted out from under my feet—not the opening banger I was looking for. After that I lucked into a couple fun ones; the board really flew down the line and I love that about quads. On the few turn sections that popped up the board whipped through 'em well, but as fate would have it, the best wave I got was in front of O'side legend (and Firewire's own) Chuy Reyna. Sorry Jesus, I honestly thought you were too deep! I give this board two thumbs up, it's a perfect little rip stick for waves in the chest high and under zone.
Justin Coté
Online Editor/Unlike Dane And Bobby Can't Wait To Get To Tahiti

9'0" x 22" x 2 5/8"

Taylor Jensen Pro Model
Our buddy Hendo from Spy is a big boy and needs a bit more foam than the average Joe so he got set up with the Taylor Jensen Pro Model longboard. With bamboo laid under the glass, the board is a treat to the eyes and could be hung on the wall as an art piece when not in use. According to Hendo the board turned better than what he expected and I can vouch for him—dude was throwing some big turns down on the inside reform.

6'0" x 20" x 2 ½"

Firewire surfboards are a different flavor than your average surfboard. They're floatier. And it's because of this floatiness you really have to consider your tail/rail options more seriously. I rode the 6"0" Hellfire because the rail/bottom contour was more complimentary to my usual ability of not being able to sink a rail. They're very fast boards so you need a more progressive outline like a Hellfire's to help you dig in. I'm just over 5'11" and 185 pounds, and this 6'0" by 2.5" was a tiny bit thicker than I wanted, but still very workable. A slightly smaller thickness would have made it just right. Surfboard demos are tough because you're supposed to figure out a board in an hour and make a hefty purchase based off that hour. Luckily, these guys have demos all the time (check their website), so I would try them all and really get the dimensions I need. You kinda have to.
Aaron Checkwood
Photo Editor/Teller Of Bad Mom Jokes

5'8" x 18 1/4" x 2 5/16"

Michel Bourez Pro Model
After a hectic month of summer madness, I haven't been in the ocean much. I've sprinkled a few surfs after work and between beers on weekends, but that's not saying much. When publisher Charlie Anderson told me I looked like I "didn't have much confidence" after my first wave at this morning's Firewire demo, I realized I'm not the only one that notices my current state of digression. Fortunately I was handed a little 5'8 Michel Bourez small wave model to try, and it happened to be the training wheels I needed to ease back into doing, well, anything on waves again. After an hour in the water at head high, peaky Oceanside (yes, not walled, amazing right?) I felt like I might actually surf in front of a crowd without embarrassing myself. So, thanks to Charlie for a shot of harsh reality and Chuy Reyna at Firewire for providing fun surfboards. I no longer feel like I'm completely #struggling. So let's get this weekend started!
Zander Morton
Associate Editor/New Guy

O'side legend Chuy Reyna...thanks for the sticks!

O'side legend Chuy Reyna...thanks for the sticks!

* The word “shred” is used loosely in this post.

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