Firewire Donates To Impoverished Surfers

Papua New Guinea surfers with their new shred sleds courtesy of Firewire and Costalwatch.

Papua New Guinea surfers with their new shred sleds courtesy of Firewire and Costalwatch.

Local Surfers In Sri Lanka And Papua New Guinea Receive New Firewire Surfboards Through The Coastalwatch Surfboards Abroad Project

Surfing Australia, Coolangatta, Gold Coast: Local surfers living in the remote but surf rich regions of Sri Lanka and Papua New Guinea are ecstatic after receiving a bunch of brand new Firewire surfboards!

It's all part of the Coastalwatch Surfboards Abroad project and is partnered by Firewire Surfboards, Surfing World, Surfing Australia and ASP Australasia to make a difference in local communities, six brand new Firewire's were delivered to the surfing associations in each region.


It began in Sri Lanka (above) when ASP Australasia ran the WQS event there a last month and was followed up at a Surfing Australia judging seminar in Papua New Guinea in mid July.

With great waves surrounding both local communities, the locals are obviously taking to the surf, often on older surfboards left behind by travelers, but their surfing abilities are developing exceptionally fast and injecting new equipment into these areas exclusively for the locals to share is certain to add to their surfing stoke and development!

Kim Sundell , Managing Director of Coastalwatch commented on the project , "We were really happy to partner with Firewire and this is a real grass roots example of that positive obligation we all have to help."

In Papua New Guinea Mr Andrew Abel President of the Surfing Association of PNG gratefully accepted the donated Coastalwatch surfboards from Glen Elliott representing Surfing Australia.

Mr. Abel made mention that "SAPNG are committed to an ongoing relationship with Surfing Australia and their partners like Coastalwatch to expand surfing throughout all of PNG."

While in Sri Lanka ASP Australasia Tour manager donated two new boards to the Arugam Bay Boardriders.

"There are some exceptionally talented surfers in Sri Lanka and many other parts of the world who struggle to access quality surfing equipment, something many of us can take for granted.

"These boards are only a small step but hopefully one which can increase the enjoyment, satisfaction and level of surfing within these countries and ASP Australasia is proud to be associated with these charitable offerings from" said Dane Jordan.