Firewire Surfboards In The News

I came across a pretty cool piece on the local San Diego news this morning regarding Firewire Surfboards. The series is based around San Diego companies that have successful inventions, in this case, Firewire’s unique board construction. In footage I was surprised to see, Chuy Reyna and Mark Price give the camera a tour of the factory and insight into how the boards are made. Check it out…let it be known however that Chuy is already claiming they missed his best wave.

As well, a press release just popped into my inbox hyping the launch of their new and improved Web site…check the deets below:

Firewire Shares Its Secrets With New Website

Heading into our 3rd full year of operations, Firewire continues to gain market share and die hard converts to the companies innovative technology, the most recent of which, Rapid-fire, combines bamboo deck skins with internal carbon rods to control flex properties.

"We've pushed surfboard technology hard over the past 3 years and at times, that has exceeded our ability to communicate everything about our surfboards", said Firewire CEO, Mark Price, "our new website is dedicated to an in-depth understanding of how our boards work and the materials we use."

Price continued, "today's consumers are genuinely interested in 'how it's made' and with that understanding we hope they will appreciate our technology and its high performance attributes".

The new site can be found at the old address:
Taj Burrow Firewire Surfboards

Taj loves his Firewire…Photo: Jones/Stryker