Firewire Thailand Auction Fundraiser

Firewire Thailand Auction Fundraiser

Every year, monsoon season brings the threat of flooding to the general populous of Southeast Asia, particularly those residing in the lowlands of the Indochinese Peninsula. Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand are particularly susceptible to this weather phenomenon due to their natural geography and climate. With a strong La Niña pattern gripping much of the globe in late 2011, rains were unusually heavy and unrelenting in this region of the world. By October, the record setting rainfall spawned floods that would eventually inundate millions of acres of land and displace over 12.8 million Thai people. The devastation was catastrophic as homes, businesses, and in some cases, family members were washed away. For westerners following the news, it was eerily similar to the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans.

In late 2007, Firewire moved its primary production facilities to the metropolitan area of greater Bangkok. Since its doors opened, Firewire Thailand has been staffed by a combination of AUS, USA and Thai citizens; every one whom had their lives changed to some degree by the flooding. As is the case with such events, certain individuals fared worse than others, and while all Firewire staff members are in good health, some lost everything.

In response to all that has unfolded, and in addition to the incredible industry wide response in the form of donated clothing and accessories for the Firewire Thailand staff, Firewire is auctioning off two Taj Burrow Pro Model surfboards signed by TB himself. All proceeds raised will go directly to Firewire Thailand employees that lost their homes. While it's a small gesture in the grand scheme of things, every dollar raised will go to good use as some begin the long and expensive road to recovery. From every member of the global Firewire community, we thank you for your consideration and generosity. Details regarding the auction process, including how to bid, can be found below.

The Firewire Crew

Complete Auction Details
Items: Firewire is auctioning off two signed, authentic Taj Burrow Pro Model surfboards; one to be shipped from our AUS offices for free to anyone in AUS and the other from our USA offices for free to anyone in the US (for more on shipping, please see below).

Starting Bid: Each board will open at $1000 USD.

Bidding: Bids will be submitted blindly to and the current high bid will be posted every 3 days for individual tracking throughout the bidding window. Please do not email requesting the current high bid, as it will not be provided. The current high bid will be posted 24 hours before the end of the bidding window as well. Bids shall be submitted in whole dollar increments.

Bidding Window: Bids will be accepted from contest launch until 12pm PST on January 1st, 2012.

Shipping: Shipping will be free from our AUS office to anywhere in Australia, and it will be free from our USA offices to anywhere in the US. Outside of each respective country, bidders will have to arrange their own freight from either office to the appropriate destination and pay all associated fees. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Substitutions: There can be no substitution of one auction board for the other, nor can the auction item be swapped for any other piece of inventory. The only two items available are those detailed in the auction above.

Winning Bidder: The winning bidder will receive the appropriate board, a Firewire hat along with a formal and public thank you issued by Firewire upon the winning bidder's approval.

Payment: Payment method will be submitted processed for each board within 36 hours of the auction closing or the next highest bidder will be deemed the new winner. Winner of the AUS board will pay Firewire AUS and the winner of the USA board will pay Firewire USA. The total will be collected and distributed to the appropriate parties.

Tax Implications: Unfortunately we cannot offer tax-deduction benefits to the winning bidder, as we are not a non-profit. We can, however ensure that every dollar is greatly needed and will be put to work.