First Ever Transworld SURF Cali Rally Commences; Madness Ensues

Chris Straley…Lost wins the first of four Checkpoint Challenges as teams begin battle to the death in a California-based scavenger hunt.

The first of four "Checkpoint Challenges", the Nixon PB Pier Paddle, has been completed at Pacific Beach Pier in unexpectedly treacherous conditions. With an inflatable inner tube around their waists, the surfers were asked to paddle around the Pacific Beach Pier with various pool toys; an alligator, shark, turtle, and a gay dragon of sorts. The challenge seemed easy enough for the crew of professional surfers, but an unexpected bump in the northwest swell created overhead closeouts that were detonating on the collective heads of all involved. "That was the eggiest, hardest thing I've ever done!" said Billabong's Alejandro Moreda from Puerto Rico after his ill-fated battle against the sea with his water soaked "vessel". Moreda's Billabong squad finished third in the initial challenge.

Hurley's Kahea Hart from the North Shore of Oahu had an easier time of the paddle but suffered from some severe leg cramps after finishing despite being the most in-shape dude on the beach. "Brah, my legs are cramping, that was gnarly!" After the conclusion of the initial checkpoint, the Hurley team had another shocker—a tire on their van that had mysteriously been deflated by presumably another team. The good news is that they can earn a couple hundred points for fixing a tire…

The last team to show up, Volcom, was coincidentally the last placing team in the Nixon PB Pier Paddle despite team captain Mikey Guarino jumping–actually dive-bombing the Billabong guys–off the pier fully clothed. They earned some style points for the illegal plunge, but it wasn't enough to keep them out of the cellar. Did we mention Barney Barron came in from the water naked? Yep, just a seaweed banana hammock for the always-entertaining Barney, somehow the lifeguards just laughed.

Winning the first checkpoint challenge was the …Lost team consisting of team coach Ryan Simmons, Australian surfer James Wood, Ash King, Chase Wilson, and Robert Curtis. …Lost started out strong with the Aussie kid Wood doing his best impersonation of one of those junior lifeguards you see in Oz wearing dickies (speedos) and running around the beach like rabbits on crack.

The teams are now completing (or at least attempting to complete) various challenges throughout San Diego County like: swim to the bout at Fletcher Cove where there was a shark attack recently, give Julie from Julie Designs a hug, teach a bum to surf at Moonlight Beach, paddle across the Mexico/US border, get barreled by Shamu's wake, shoot the PB Pier, and tons of other crazy stunts. If you see any of these teams, maintain a safe distance…

Stay tuned for a full slideshow and video…

Official Results Of The Nixon PB Pier Paddle

1) …Lost

2) Hurley

3) Billabong

4) Volcom

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