First Surfing America Prime Series Event Kicked Off At DMJs

After last year’s successful first season of the WSA Prime Series, the second season has got underway—and it’s got a new name. The Surfing America Prime Series will now include all coastlines of the United States to be the one true path to making the PacSun USA Surf Team (for the full run-down on the new structuring, head here).

Things started off at this year’s WSA Prime Series much like they ended last year: Courtney Conlogue taking another win. Conner Coffin brought home the Boys U18 event title, and Jake Halstead, Kanoa Igarashi, and Lakey Peterson got wins after good success in the series last year.

This week the USA Championships are going on at the Huntington Beach Pier, so stay tuned to for a full wrap-up of the event.

The next WSA Prime event hits October 3 at Church Beach, San Onofre State Beach, CA for a one day event.

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Boys U18
1. Conner Coffin
2. Nathan Carvalho
3. Evan Kane
4. JD Lewis

Boys U16
1. Jacob Halstead
2. Matt Lewis
3. Ian Simmons
4. Trevor Thorton

Boys U14
1. Kanoa Igarashi
2. Brogie Panesi
3. Colton Overin
4. Jake Marshall

Girls U18
1. Courtney Conlgoue
2. Lakey Peterson
3. Kaleigh Gilchrist
4. Emmy Merrill

Girls U16
1. Lakey Peterson
2. Kulia Doherty
3. Lulu Erkeneff
4. Melina Smith

Conner Coffin took the Boys U18 division. Photo: Jack McDaniel/WSA