Fish Bowl Classic Results And Photos

Fish Bowl
Nathaniel Curran
Nate Yeomans
Nate Yeomans
Nate Yeomans
Pat Gudauskas
Pat Gudauskas
Nate Yeomans

Nate Yeomans’ Fish Bowl Classic Results And Photos

Highlights: Nate Dogg came up with the concept last year around this time and it had about 15 surfers battle. Last year’s contest was the Us vs Them (San Clemente locals against the San Clemente Transplant locals). The Locals won with Jeremy Carter taking home the win. This year Nate spiced it up a bit and made the contest Natural vs. Goofy. Of course he called in the ringers like Damien Hobgood, Kalani Robb and Ricky Whitlock. But their were solid natural footers like Nathaniel Curran, Pat Gudang, Teddy Navarro and Matt Pagan. Not to mention a ton of local San Clemente groms who where ready for battle.

There ended up being 35 competitors in the 2nd annual fishbowl classic. The contest broke down as follows, best top one wave score from the Natural footers and best top wave from the Goofy footers made up the final out of five 6 man heats. Then there was a heat of 8 groms and we took the top Goofyfoot score and the top Natural footer score. This rounded out a 8 man final which was action packed. It came down to the dying minutes and was super close between Nate Yeomans and Pat Gudang in he end. Nate Dogg too home the title of the 2013 Fish Bowl and walked away victories and proud. Good vibes and great times as well as epic surfing.

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Nate Yoemans
Pat Gudang
Griffin Colapinto
Damien Hobgood
Vince Bonlanger
Nolan Raposa
Matt Pagan
Nathaniel Curran

The Goofies took the comp out and won the title.... All goofy footers received their entry fee back. Thanks to Brad Jacobson for the photos, visit his Facebook page at