Five Flick Friday: 10/19

Seared Peahi
A rad inside look at last weeks epic Jaws paddle sessions—with Shane Dorian, Albee Layer, Ian Walsh, Greg Long, and others…
Via: ACL Digital Cinema

Elementary Edit
Mason Ho & Family—from Hawaii, Indo, and beyond. This is a must watch. Mason’s backside tube riding at Desert Point is a thing of beauty.
Film/Edit: Rory Pringle

Good surfing + one bare breast. Recipe for online success.
Film/Edit: Nick Pollet

Electric Candyman
A remix of John John’s footage from the new Vans flick, Get-N-Classic Volume 2. The water footage from Cloudbreak is mindblowing—as is everything about John’s surfing.
Edit: Tyler McGill

Tame Impala
Jay Davies drops a lot of f—ked up web edits, and this one is no different. The air at 0:36 is unreal.