Five Flick Friday: 11/9

Oakley Dispatch: Episode 8
“Sebastian Zietz, Dustin Barca, Danny Fuller, Eric Geiselman and Lee Wilson embark on a journey to Java to score uncrowded, hollow barrels…”
Via: Oakley

Summer Is Over
A cliff notes version of Torrey Meister’s summer in California. Spoiler alert: It’s chock full of ripping.

No Directions
East Coast brother’s Michael and Ben Powell have been searching for (and scoring) fun fall surf in Southern California.
Film/Edit: Julian Mascuilli

While Ryan Briggs reaped the rewards of super storm Sandy in North Florida—those in the NorthEast unfortunately encountered only her wrath. To donate money or help, please click here.
Film/Edit: Chriss Briggs

Xcel Core Files
Mike Gleason’s New Jersey hometown was hit hard by Sandy. Again, if you can donate anything at all, please click here to find links on how to help.