Five Flick Friday 12/21

Five Flick Friday 12/21/2012
The first day of winter kicks off with the best cold water surfing on the web

Rainy Day At Drop Box
Adam Dewolfe’s entry to the Canadian surf film festival. All was filmed on one classic rainy day on the west coast of Vancouver island. Raph Bruhwiler, Catherine Bruhwiler and Peter Devries headed out on a two hour boat ride through solid swell and the clouds pissing rain the whole time. Its the reality of surfing on the west coast of Canada. If the weather sucks the waves are usually pretty good. Clip courtesy of

Any Epic Day starring Fergal Smith
Filmed by Mickey Smith
Check out the latest video from C-Skins Team Rider and big wave charger, Fergal Smith.
About: This clip was filmed by Mickey Smith on the latest Red Epic Camera, featuring a 5K sensor capable of capturing 1 to 120 frames per second at full resolution. Best watched in Full HD.

Red Bull Surf Team In Alaska
Raimana Van Bastolear, Jamie Sterling, Maya Gabeira, and Carlos Burle from the Red Bull Surfing team hit Alaska in search for the perfect wave.

Surfing In The Arctic Circle
From the Royal kingdom of Norway, high up on the arctic circle. In a deep protected fjord, on a mountain top rising almost 1000 meter right out of the ocean you find the pure and clean source of the RoyalH2O.

Xcel Core Files With Ryan Seelbach
San Francisco’s Ryan Seelbach profiled.